Fernando Vieites, Rodrigo Rius and José Zabalza’s Acquisition of Sirte S.A.

Guyer & Regules and LVM Abogados & Consultores advised on the deal

Fernando Vieites, Rodrigo Rius and José Zabalza finalized the acquisition of 100% stake in Sirte S.A.

Sirte S.A. produces, markets, and distributes soft drinks in Uruguay. The Company offers fruit juices fruit-flavored beverages, purified water, flavored waters and other carbonated beverages.

Fernando Vieites, Rodrigo Rius y José Zabalza

Guyer & Regules advised Fernando Vieites, Rodrigo Rius and José Zabalza with a team including Nicolás Piaggio (Picture) and Sofía Anza.

LVM Abogados & Consultores advised the sellers with Luis Muxi.

Involved fees earner: Luis Muxi Muñoz – LVM Abogados & Consultores; Nicolás Piaggio – Guyer & Regules; María Sofía Anza – Guyer & Regules;

Law Firms: LVM Abogados & Consultores; Guyer & Regules;

Clients: Sirte S.A.; Fernando Vieites; Rodrigo Rius; José Zabalza;

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Author: Ambrogio Visconti.