FAM AB’s SEK 3.9 Billion Acquisition of Grand Group From Patricia Industries

Vinge has advised FAM AB on the deal, while Roschier acted for Patricia Industries.

FAM AB has entered into an agreement with Patricia Industries, a part of Investor AB, to acquire the Grand Group, which includes the hotel businesses Grand Hôtel, Lydmar Hotel and The Sparrow Hotel, and the Grand Hôtel real estate property owned by Vectura, a subsidiary of Patricia Industries.

The Grand Group, offering accommodation, food and beverage, spa, conference and event services, consists of Scandinavia’s leading hotels – The Grand Hôtel, The Lydmar Hotel and The Sparrow Hotel, all located in beautiful surroundings in central Stockholm. The Grand Hôtel has been home to many international and national guests since 1874 and has been owned by Investor AB since 1968. The Cadier Bar, the classic Swedish Veranda restaurant, and Mathias Dahlgren’s award-winning restaurants all provide world-class food and beverage experiences at the Grand Hôtel.

The total transaction value amounts to SEK 3.9 billion, of which approximately SEK 0.3 billion for the Grand Group and approximately SEK 3.6 billion for the Grand Hôtel property. The transaction, subject to the approval of the Swedish Competition Authority, is expected to be closed in the second quarter of 2021.

FAM is a privately-owned holding company that manages its assets by acting as an active owner with a long-term ownership horizon.

Vinge’s team consisted of, among others, Jonas Johansson (Picture), Johanna Wiberg, Christa Anttila, Assur Badur, Karolina Cohrs, Louise Brorsson Salomon and Johan Wahlbom.

Roschier’s advisory team comprises Malin Leffler, Lisa Hybbinette, Marcus Heden, Markus Olsson, Jeppa Persson, Elin Gustavsson, Mathilda Hoffman, Mahir Silajdzic, Kristian Hugmark, Carl Persson and Susanne Mellqvist, with the help of assistants Amanda Magnil and Tuva Eriksson.

Involved fees earner: Elin Gustavsson – Roschier; Marcus Hedén – Roschier; Mathilda Hoffman – Roschier; Kristian Hugmark – Roschier; Lisa Hybbinette – Roschier; Malin Leffler – Roschier; Susanne Mellqvist – Roschier; Markus Olsson – Roschier; Jeppa Persson – Roschier; Carl Persson – Roschier; Mahir Silajdzic – Roschier; Christa Anttila – Vinge; Assur Badur – Vinge; Karolina Cohrs – Vinge; Jonas Johansson – Vinge; Louise Brorsson Salomon – Vinge; Johan Wahlbom – Vinge; Johanna Wiberg – Vinge;

Law Firms: Roschier; Vinge;

Clients: Foundation Asset Management AB; Patricia Industries;

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Federica Tiefenthaler

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler