FAM AB’s $ 591 Million Acquisition of Sandvik Process Systems

Vinge KB, Pinheiro Neto, Roschier and Demarest advised on the transaction

Sandvik has signed an agreement to divest Sandvik Process Systems to FAM AB, owned by the three largest Wallenberg foundations, at a price of 5.0 billion SEK.

Sandvik Process Systems delivers advanced industrial process solutions based on high-end steel belts, steel belt based equipment and process solutions within adjacent technologies. In 2016 the operations, with approximately 600 employees, had reported revenues of 1.7 billion SEK representing 2% of Sandvik’s total revenues and with a strong operating margin.

Foundation Asset Management AB (FAM) is a privately owned investment manager. The firm invests in the public equity markets of Sweden. Foundation Asset Management AB is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Sandvik AB is a high-technology engineering group. Based in Stockholm, the Company, led by Bjorn Rosengren, Tomas Eliasson and Asa Thunman, develops, manufactures, and markets tools for metalworking applications, machinery and tools for rock excavation, stainless steel products, special alloys, and resistance heating materials and process systems.

Advokatfirman Vinge KB advised FAM AB with Jonas Johansson, Eva Fredrikson, Assur Badur, Matthias Pannier, Johan Cederblad, Karl Klackenberg, Mathilda Persson, Johanna Wiberg, Sara Strandberg, Sofia Ekdahl, Grant McKelvey, Johan Wahlbom, Isabell Nielsen, Rebecka Weitzberg, Karin Virding, Linn Adelwald, Carolina Sandell, Jasmin Draszka-Ali, Hedvig Ekdahl, Olof Johannesson, Siri Dunér and Anna Hellohf.

In Brazil, Pinheiro Neto Advogados advised FAM AB with Fernando Alves Meira and João Vitor Crepaldi.

Roschier advised Sandvik AB with Miklos Kovacs Kal, Emmy Pettersson, Julia Blomqvist and Mikael Hagström.

In Brazil, Demarest advised Sandvik AB with Lucas Tavares Bueno, Douglas Mota, Carlos Eduardo Orsolon, Renato Canizares, Renato Poltronieri, Débora Sejtman, Ademilson Viana and Camila Smith.

Involved fees earner: Lucas Tavares Bueno – Demarest; Débora Sejtman – Demarest; Camila Ornellas Smith de Vasconcellos – Demarest; Douglas Mota – Demarest; Carlos Eduardo Marino Orsolon – Demarest; Renato Canizares – Demarest; Renato Poltronieri – Demarest; Ademilson de Brito Alves Viana – Demarest; Fernando Alves Meira – Pinheiro Neto; Joao Vitor de Araujo Crepaldi – Pinheiro Neto; Miklos Kovacs Kal – Roschier; Julia Blomqvist – Roschier; Mikael Hagström – Roschier; Emmy Pettersson – Roschier; Jonas Johansson – Vinge; Matthias Pannier – Vinge; Karl Klackenberg – Vinge; Johanna Wiberg – Vinge; Rebecka Weitzberg – Vinge; Eva Fredrikson – Vinge; Mathilda Persson – Vinge; Karin Virding – Vinge; Assur Badur – Vinge; Sofia Ekdahl – Vinge; Hedvig Ekdahl – Vinge; Johan Cederblad – Vinge; Sara Strandberg – Vinge; Grant McKelvey – Vinge; Johan Wahlbom – Vinge; Siri Dunér – Vinge; Isabell Nielsen – Vinge; Linn Adelwald – Vinge; Jasmin Draszka-Ali – Vinge;

Law Firms: Demarest; Pinheiro Neto; Roschier; Vinge;

Clients: Foundation Asset Management AB; Sandvik AB;