Eurofarma’s Acquisition Of Stein Group Pharmaceutical Products Portfolio

Simpson Thacher and Consortium Legal represented Trademark Group S.A., of Panama, and Laboratorios Stein S.A., of Costa Rica, in connection with the sale to Eurofarma of a portfolio of pharmaceutical products distributed in Central America, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador. Arias, Shearman & Sterling, Headrick Rizik Álvarez & Fernández advised Eurofarma on the deal The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Trademark Group S.A. and Laboratorios Stein S.A. are part of the Stein Group, a group of multinational pharmaceutical companies headquartered in Costa Rica.

Eurofarma Laboratórios S.A. produces and markets medical prescription, generic medication, veterinary, and oncology drugs. It also produces medicines, which include antibiotics, anesthetics, antifungals, antivirals, uterine stimulants, exchange resins, anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory, and anticoagulant drugs. It exports its products to Latin America, Africa, and Asia

The Simpson Thacher team included S. Todd Crider (Picture), Luis R. Pellerano, Jose Ángel Nabal and Eduardo Camara (M&A); Lori Lesser and Marcela Robledo (IP); and Rob Holo and Joseph Tootle (Tax).

Consortium Legal advised Laboratorios Stein and Trademark Group with Rafael Alvarado Riedel, Ninoshka Urrutia, Oscar Samour, Oscar Armando Manzanares, Carlos Taboada, Darliss Gordon, Javier Santizo, Felipe Aragón, Francisco Medrano, Sandra Amaya and Carlos Úbeda.

In Guatemala, Arias advised Eurofarma with Jorge Luis Arenales, Ximena Tercero, Cindy Arrivillaga and Ivón Hernández.

In Costa Rica, Arias advised Eurofarma with Andrey Dorado, Carolina Flores, Melania Dittel and Ligia Alfaro.

Shearman & Sterling advised Eurofarma with Jonathan Kellner, Jordan Altman, Andrea Campos, Mariana Pacini, Samantha Glover, Thomas Ayres, JB Betker and Puja Dave.

In Santo Domingo, Headrick Rizik Álvarez & Fernández advised Eurofarma with Mary Fernández, Carolina Sillié and Lilly Acevedo.

Involved fees earner: Ligia Alfaro – Arias ; Jorge Luis Arenales – Arias ; Cindy Arrivillaga – Arias ; Melania Dittel – Arias ; Andrey Dorado – Arias ; Carolina Flores – Arias ; Ivón Hernández – Arias ; Ximena Tercero – Arias ; Rafael Alvarado-Riedel – Consortium – Legal; Sandra Amaya – Consortium – Legal; Felipe Aragón Vassiliu – Consortium – Legal; Darliss Gordon A. – Consortium – Legal; Oscar Armando Manzanares – Consortium – Legal; Francisco Medrano – Consortium – Legal; Oscar Samour Santillana – Consortium – Legal; Javier Santizo – Consortium – Legal; Carlos Taboada Rodriguez – Consortium – Legal; Carlos Úbeda – Consortium – Legal; Ninoshka Urrutia – Consortium – Legal; Lilly Acevedo Gómez – Headrick Rizik Alvarez & Fernández; Mary Fernández Rodríguez – Headrick Rizik Alvarez & Fernández; Jordan Altman – Shearman & Sterling; Thomas Ayres – Shearman & Sterling; JB Betker – Shearman & Sterling; Andrea Campos – Shearman & Sterling; Puja Dave – Shearman & Sterling; Samantha Glover – Shearman & Sterling; Jonathan Kellner – Shearman & Sterling; Mariana Pacini – Shearman & Sterling; Eduardo Camara – Simpson Thacher & Bartlett; Todd Crider – Simpson Thacher & Bartlett; Robert Holo – Simpson Thacher & Bartlett; Lori Lesser – Simpson Thacher & Bartlett; Jose Ángel Nabal – Simpson Thacher & Bartlett; Luis Pellerano – Simpson Thacher & Bartlett; Marcela Robledo – Simpson Thacher & Bartlett; Joseph Tootle – Simpson Thacher & Bartlett;

Law Firms: Arias ; Consortium – Legal; Headrick Rizik Alvarez & Fernández; Shearman & Sterling; Simpson Thacher & Bartlett;

Clients: Eurofarma Laboratórios S.A.; Laboratorios Stein S.A. ; Trademark Group;

Author: Ambrogio Visconti