Emeram Capital Partners’ Acquisition of Sofatutor

Schnittker Möllmann Partners, Flick Gocke Schaumburg and Gütt Olk Feldhaus advised sofatutor on the deal, while McDermott Will & Emery advised Gimv and CSP as members of a consortium led by EMERAM Capital Partners. GLNS, Lubberger Lehment, Pusch Wahlig, pdrei and Buntscheck advised Emeram Capital Partners.

Emeram Capital Partners and Gimv have acquired Germany-based online learning platform Sofatutor, marking an exit for the company’s existing venture capital backers. Stephan Bayer and his team are thus changing the ownership structure in order to allow for strategic development of the sofatutor service with the new partners and further advancement of the ambitious growth plans.

Founded 13 years ago by Stephan Bayer, sofatutor.com is now the most comprehensive online learning platform in the German-speaking world with over one million users, more than 11,000 learning videos and over 43,000 exercises. With its life mission to improve education, Bayer and its team of over 200 help students from elementary school to high school graduation – and has become a pioneer and backbone of educational digitization and homeschooling, especially in the Corona Year. The learning content is age-appropriate and based on the current curricula of the German states.

Emeram is one of the leading investment companies for medium-sized companies in German-speaking countries. Funds advised by EMERAM currently provide 400 million euros of capital for the development of companies. The portfolio includes companies from the consumer, technology/software and services sectors. For its companies, EMERAM acts as a long-term business development partner, promoting the growth (organic and inorganic) of its investments on a sustainable basis. Together, the team has successfully closed more than 60 transactions and supported the development of portfolio companies by serving on more than 50 advisory and supervisory boards. EMERAM was founded in 2012 as an independent partnership in Munich.

The SMP team was led by Dr. Tim Schlösser (Picture), Dr. Benjamin Ullrich, Dr. Malte Bergmann, Matthias Kresser, Ann-Kristin Lochmann, Konstantin Häfner, Christiane Schnitzler and Jonas Huth.

The Gütt Olk Feldhaus team was led by Dr Sebastian Olk, together with Dr Ricarda Theis and Karl Ehrenberg.

McDermott Will & Emery, Munich advised Gimv with Dr. Nikolaus von Jacobs, Dr. Germar Enders (Counsel; Private Equity/M&A), Daniel von Brevern (Antitrust, Düsseldorf), Marcus Fischer (Counsel, Tax, Frankfurt), Christoph Coenen (Finance, Frankfurt); Andrea Stockhorst (Regulatory, Frankfurt).

McDermott Will & Emery, Frankfurt advised CSP lnvestment S.à r.l. with Dr. Oliver Hahnelt, LL.M., Dr. Nikolas Koutsós (Counsel; Finance), Dr. Michael Cziesla (Private Equity/M&A), Dr. Nina Siewert (Tax, Frankfurt); Associate: Isabelle Müller (Private Equity/M&A).

The GLNS team included Dr. Ludger Schult, Andreas Scheidle, Dr. Anselm Lenhard, Dr. Daniel Epe and Eva-Maria Bayer.

The Lubberger Lehment team was led by Dr. Benjamin Koch and Dr. David Weller.

The Pusch Wahlig team was led by Dr. Marius Fritzsche.

The pdrei team was led by Prof. Dr. Simon Bulla.

The Buntscheck team was led by Dr. Andreas Boos.

The Flick Gocke Schaumburg team was led by Christian Schatz.

Involved fees earner: Andreas Boos – Buntscheck; Christian Schatz – Flick Gocke Schaumburg; Eva-Maria Bayer – GLNS; Daniel Epe – GLNS; Anselm Lenhard – GLNS; Andreas Scheidle – GLNS; Ludger Schult – GLNS; Karl Ehrenberg – Gutt Olk Feldhaus; Sebastian Olk – Gutt Olk Feldhaus; Ricarda Theis – Gutt Olk Feldhaus; Benjamin Koch – Lubberger • Lehment; David Weller – Lubberger • Lehment; Christoph Coenen – McDermott Will & Emery; Michael Cziesla – McDermott Will & Emery; Germar Enders – McDermott Will & Emery; Marcus Fischer – McDermott Will & Emery; Oliver Hahnelt – McDermott Will & Emery; Nikolas Koutsós – McDermott Will & Emery; Isabelle Müller – McDermott Will & Emery; Nina Siewert – McDermott Will & Emery; Andrea Stockhorst – McDermott Will & Emery; Daniel von Brevern – McDermott Will & Emery; Nikolaus von Jacobs – McDermott Will & Emery; Simon Bulla – pdrei Rechtsanwälte Heim und Partner mbB; Marius Fritzsche – Pusch Wahlig Workplace Law; Malte Bergmann – YPOG; Konstantin Häfner – YPOG; Jonas Huth – YPOG; Matthias Kresser – YPOG; Ann-Kristin Lochmann – YPOG; Tim Schlösser – YPOG; Christiane Schnitzler – YPOG; Benjamin Ullrich – YPOG;

Law Firms: Buntscheck; Flick Gocke Schaumburg; GLNS; Gutt Olk Feldhaus; Lubberger • Lehment; McDermott Will & Emery; pdrei Rechtsanwälte Heim und Partner mbB; Pusch Wahlig Workplace Law; YPOG;

Clients: CSP lnvestment; EMERAM Capital Partners GmbH; Gimv NV; sofatutor GmbH;

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler