EIG Global Energy Partners’s Mezzanine Financing

Morales Besa, Carey and Latham & Watkins advised on the transaction

EIG Global Energy Partners and its Chilean subsidiary Cerro Dominador Inversiones SpA secured mezzanine financing from Brookfield affiliate, in order to make the equity contributions required pursuant the senior financing agreement entered into by Cerro Dominador CSP S.A. (an affiliate of Cerro Dominador Inversiones SpA) with a syndicate of international banks.

The above, to develop the Cerro Dominador CSP (110 MW) and PV (100 MW) power plants. The Cerro Dominador CSP plant is the first concentration solar plant in Latin America, which involves a novel technology.

The output of the power plants has been contracted with Chilean distribution companies, through PPAs awarded to Atacama Generación Chile S.A. in the 2014 tender, at a price of US$ 114/MWh.

Morales & Besa advised EIG Global Energy Partners and Cerro Dominador Inversiones SpA with a team including Eugenio Besa (Picture),Francisca Pérez, Sebastián Leyton, Lorena Barrientos, Ignacio Menchaca, Paloma Infante, Sebastián Nieme, Javiera Veloso, Verónica Vergara, Gabriela Leaño, José Manuel Llamazales, Manuel José Eyzaguirre and Carlos Espinosa.

In Chile, Carey advised Brookfield Finance Luxembourg S.a.r.l. with Salvador Valdés, Juan Francisco Mackenna, Patricia Silberman, Feliciano Tomarelli and Montserratt Godoy.

Latham & Watkins advised Brookfield Finance Luxembourg S.a.r.l. with Jonathan Rod, Luis F. Torres, Kathleen Chun and Kelly Cataldo.

Involved fees earner: Salvador Valdés – Carey; Patricia Silberman – Carey; Feliciano Tomarelli – Carey; Juan Francisco Mackenna – Carey; Montserratt Godoy – Carey; Eugenio Besa – Morales & Besa; Lorena Barrientos – Morales & Besa; Ignacio Menchaca – Morales & Besa; Sebastián Nieme S. – Morales & Besa; Javiera Veloso – Morales & Besa; José Manuel Llamazales – Morales & Besa; Manuel José Eyzaguirre – Morales & Besa; Francisca Pérez – Morales & Besa; Sebastián Leyton – Morales & Besa; Paloma Infante M. – Morales & Besa; Verónica Vergara A. – Morales & Besa; Gabriela Leaño – Morales & Besa; Carlos Espinosa V. – Morales & Besa; Jonathan Rod – Latham & Watkins; Luis Torres – Latham & Watkins; Kathleen Chun – Latham & Watkins; Kelly Cataldo – Latham & Watkins;

Law Firms: Carey; Morales & Besa; Latham & Watkins;

Clients: Brookfield; EIG Global Energy Partners; Cerro Dominador Inversiones SpA.;

Author: Ambrogio Visconti.