Drilling Tools International, Inc.’s acquisition of the drill pipe rental division of Premium Oilfield Services LLC

Bracewell advised Drilling Tools International on the deal

Drilling Tools International, Inc. manufactures downhole drilling tools for the international land and offshore markets. It offers drill collars, stabilizers, shock tools, and reamers. The company, led by Wayne Prejean, Ronnie Russo and David Johnson, is a portfolio company of Hicks Equity Partners LLC, the private equity arm of the Thomas O. Hicks family office.

Bracewell advised DTI with a team including Will Anderson (Picture), Heather L. Brown, Michele J. Alexander, Jason B. Hutt, Bruce R. Jocz, Robert S. Nichols, William H. Ebert, Allison K. Perry, Benjamin J. Martin, Andrew W. Monk, Andrew C.J. Bueso, Jackie Z. Coleman, Ryan Davis, Ryan M. Eletto, Christina A. Katsampes, Yeon Jae Ko and Kristen A. Wong.

Involved fees earner: William Anderson – Bracewell; Heather Brown – Bracewell; Benjamin Martin – Bracewell; Andrew Monk – Bracewell; Jackie Coleman – Bracewell; Ryan Davis – Bracewell; Michele Alexander – Bracewell; Allison Perry – Bracewell; Jason Hutt – Bracewell; Ryan Eletto – Bracewell; Bruce Jocz – Bracewell; Robert Nichols – Bracewell; William Ebert – Bracewell; Andrew C.J. Bueso – Bracewell; Christina Katsampes – Bracewell; Yeon Jae Ko – Bracewell; Kristen Wong – Bracewell;

Law Firms: Bracewell;

Clients: Drilling Tools International, Inc.;

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Author: Ambrogio Visconti