Colorcon’s Acquisition of a a Majority Share in Ideal Cures

Colorcon's Acquisition of a a Majority Share in Ideal Cures

Khaitan & Co. advised Mr Suresh R Pareek and other promoters of Ideal Cures Private Limited.

Colorcon, Inc. completed the purchase of a majority share in Ideal Cures Pvt. Ltd., a manufacturer of excipients and ready-to-use coating systems for solid oral dosage forms located in India.

Colorcon, Inc. is a leader in pharmaceutical film coatings and specialty excipients.

The Khaitan & Co. team consisted of Partner Bhavik Narsana (Picture), Saswat Subasit (Partner) and Chitra Jha (Associate); Neil Lopez (Associate), Noyonika Nair (Associate), Shivani Devpura (Associate) and Murugaveni Pillai (Associate); Employment Team: Anshul Prakash (Partner), Abhimanyu Pal (Principal Associate) and Kruthi Murthy (Associate); Tax Team: Vinita Krishnan (Director) and Rahul Jain (Principal Associate).

Involved fees earner: Shivani Devpura – Khaitan & Co.; Rahul Jain – Khaitan & Co.; Chitra Jha – Khaitan & Co.; Vinita Krishnan – Khaitan & Co.; Neil Lopez – Khaitan & Co.; Kruthi Murthy – Khaitan & Co.; Bhavik Narsana – Khaitan & Co.; Abhimanyu Pal – Khaitan & Co.; Murugaveni Pillai – Khaitan & Co.; Anshul Prakash – Khaitan & Co.; Saswat Subasit – Khaitan & Co.;

Law Firms: Khaitan & Co.;

Clients: Suresh R Pareek ;