Germany steps up liability of institutional investors for cartel infringements of their portfolio companies

Antitrust enforcers have been increasing pressure on institutional investors in recent years in cases where a portfolio company violates the antitrust rules. The 9th amendment of the German competition act (Act Against Restraints of Competition – ARC) which is currently in the legislative process contributes to this development. In addition, the 21st report of the […]

Milano, via Montenapoleone

(R)evolution in Italian Real Estate Retail Market for “Major Properties Leases”?

A connection between the luxury retail sector and real estate markets has become increasingly evident in recent years. Italian shopping high-streets have conquered world-wide consumers’ confidence (Needless to say that Italian streets offer a selection of clothing, jewelry, watches and beauty boutiques, as well as technology objects, and fabulous restaurants and gourmet shops), thus leading to […]

Right to be Forgotten

Companies House and the “Right to be Forgotten”

With the increasing proliferation and dissemination of information available online, the debate about the balance between individuals’ right to privacy and the public interest in access to information is waged with increasing ferocity. Google has been fighting a running battle with the European Union over delisting of search results, which has repeatedly seen rulings in […]