Capio’s Acquisition of alles Lægehus And VikTeam

Lundgrens assisted the owners of alles Lægehus and VikTeam.

The owners sell 51% of alles Lægehus and the sister company Vikteam to the Danish healthcare company Capio, which operates several private clinics.

Alles Lægehus operates a total of 32 medical practices, of which 18 are located in Jutland, 11 are located in Zealand and three are located in Funen, while the sister company VikTeam provides doctors and nurses to the health sector in Scandinavia as well as Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

With the agreement, alles Lægehus and VikTeam will continue to enter a partnership under their respective names, which over time will lead to full joint ownership. Thomas Helt continues as Chairman of The Board of alles Lægehus and VikTeam.

The Lundgrens team included Christian Scherfig (Picture), Mark Kristoffer Polczynski, Rasmus Stub and Kamilla Karlshøj.

Involved fees earner: Kamilla Karlshøj – Lundgrens; Mark Kristoffer Polczynski – Lundgrens; Christian Scherfig – Lundgrens; Rasmus Stub – Lundgrens;

Law Firms: Lundgrens;

Clients: alles Lægehus; VikTeam;

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler