Bottega InvestCo’s $220 Million Acquisition of Getronics

CMS – Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP, Demarest, Lang Business Law, NautahDutilh and Proskauer Rose advised on the deal

GETRONICS acquired by strategic investor Bottega InvestCo S.à r.l. The majority shareholder of Bottega is the US/Brazilian entrepreneur Nana Baffour, who operates in the IT services market through Grupo Cimcorp in Brazil; prestigious financing partners include White Oak Global Advisors, Permira PDM and H.I.G. WhiteHorse. Getronics Group was formally under ownership of AURELIUS. The transaction should be completed in the next few days.

Substantial growth under the roof of AURELIUS through organic growth and strategic add-on acquisitions.

The Getronics Group’s geographical presence and product portfolio were expanded considerably through five add-on acquisitions completed as part of a strategic acquisition program under the roof of the AURELIUS Group. The last new addition to the Getronics family was CMC (Colt Managed Cloud), the cloud business of Colt Group S.A., in April 2016. With the integration of CMC, a Europe-wide leading provider of cloud and hosting services, Getronics expanded its European cloud business considerably. With 4,500 employees, the Getronics Group generates revenues of approx. EUR 500 million in 20 countries on three continents.

CMS – Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP advised Bottega Invest with Chris Mackie (Picture), Roman Tarlavski, Martijn van der Bie, Herman Boersen, Eduard Scheenstra, Philip Walton, Abbas Ali Hyder, Lisanne van der Velden, Etienne Cox, Gilbert Joskin, Barbara Veldmaat, Fleur van Assendelft de Coningh, Charlotte van Heijst and Adriaan Koch.

In Brazil, Demarest Advogados advised Bottega Invest with Thiago Sandim, Ana Carolina Botto Audi, Nuno Faria and Marcelo Peloso

In US, Lang Business Law advised Bottega Invest with Steven H. Lang.

NautahDutilh advised Bottega Invest with David Viëtor, Chris Warner, Nico Blom, Edward Rijnhout, Wijnand Bossenbroek, Ruud Smits, Elizabeth van Schilfgaarde, Frederic Heremans, Jean-Marc Groelly, Josée Weyder, Frederike Manzoni-van de Kuilen, Fleur Folmer, Isabelle Absalon, Cathelijn Frederiks, Saskia Bijl de Vroe, Taïda Pasic, Silke Volckaert, Stefanie Hardy, Stephan Huis in het Veld, Terrence Dom, Pedro Bruzzi Bezerra Paraguay, Florine Kuipéri, Tim Iserief and Sophie Rezk.

Proskauer Rose advised Investec PLC with Steven Davis

Involved fees earner: Steve Lang – Lang Business Law; Roman Tarlavski – CMS Derks Star Busmann; Martijn van der Bie – CMS Derks Star Busmann; Abbas Ali Hyder – CMS Derks Star Busmann; Lisanne van der Velden – CMS Derks Star Busmann; Herman Boersen – CMS Derks Star Busmann; Etienne Cox – CMS Derks Star Busmann; Gilbert Joskin – CMS Derks Star Busmann; Eduard Scheenstra – CMS Derks Star Busmann; Charlotte van Heijst – CMS Derks Star Busmann; Barbara Veldmaat – CMS Derks Star Busmann; Fleur van Assendelft de Coningh – CMS Derks Star Busmann; Thiago Sandim – Demarest; Ana Carolina Botto Audi – Demarest; Nuno Faria – Demarest; Marcelo Peloso – Demarest; Chris Mackie – CMS Cameron McKenna; David Viëtor – NautaDutilh; Wijnand Bossenbroek – NautaDutilh; Ruud Smits – NautaDutilh; Frederic Heremans – NautaDutilh; Taida Pasic – NautaDutilh; Stephan Huis in het Veld – NautaDutilh; Florine Kuipéri – NautaDutilh; Chris Warner – NautaDutilh; Edward Rijnhout – NautaDutilh; Jean-Marc Groelly – NautaDutilh; Frederike Manzoni – van de Kuilen – NautaDutilh; Isabelle Absalon – NautaDutilh; Saskia Bijl de Vroe – NautaDutilh; Stefanie Hardy – NautaDutilh; Pedro Bruzzi Bezerra Paraguay – NautaDutilh; Nico Blom – NautaDutilh; Elizabeth van Schilfgaarde – NautaDutilh; Josée Weydert – NautaDutilh; Cathelijn Frederiks – NautaDutilh; Silke Volckaert – NautaDutilh; Terrence Dom – NautaDutilh; Sophie Rezki – NautaDutilh; Fleur Folmer – NautaDutilh; Tim Iserief – NautaDutilh; Steven Davis – Proskauer Rose LLP;

Law Firms: Lang Business Law; CMS Derks Star Busmann; Demarest; CMS Cameron McKenna; NautaDutilh; Proskauer Rose LLP;

Clients: Investec Ltd; Bottega InvestCo;