BME Group’s Acquisition of Mahler Group

ARQIS has advised BME Group on the deal.

BME Group and the shareholders of the Mahler Group have reached an agreement on the sale of its shares to BME.

The Mahler Group, a leading general building materials and tiles distributor in Bavaria, has an attractive market position and stable financial profile thanks to its continued revenue growth and a strong margin profile. The sale of shares is still subject to approval by the relevant Competition Authorities and is expected to be completed in the course of 2021.

BME is one of Europe’s leading building material distribution companies and active in the distribution of building materials in Germany under the brands Bauking (General Builders Merchant) as well as Paulsen Gruppe, Detering, Bergmann & Franz (all Sanitary, Heating & Plumbing merchants).

The Mahler Group operates under the brands Bauwaren Mahler, Mahler Bayerische Bauwaren, Mahler Fliesen & Glasbau, and Hillari Fliesencenter. The Group has a network of five branches and employs a total of 273 employees.

The Arqis team was led by Dr. Jörn-Christian Schulze (Picture) and further included Dr. Ulrich Lienhard, Marcus Nothhelfer, Tobias Neufeld, Thomas Chwalek, Sina Janke, Kamil Flak, Dr. Nima Hanifi-Atashgah, Jennifer Huschauer, Nora Meyer-Stratmann, Rolf Tichy, Martin Weingärtner, Eva Kraszkiewicz, Juliane Lewen, Waldemar Rembold; Legal Specialist: Gloria Bittner-Schützendorf; Niitväli (Frankfurt): Evelyn Niitväli.

Involved fees earner: Gloria Bittner-Schützendorf – Arqis; Thomas Chwalek – Arqis; Kamil Flak – Arqis; Nima Hanifi-Atashgah – Arqis; Jennifer Huschauer – Arqis; Sina Janke – Arqis; Eva Kraszkiewicz – Arqis; Juliane Lewen – Arqis; Ulrich Lienhard – Arqis; Nora Meyer-Stratmann – Arqis; Tobias Neufeld – Arqis; Marcus Nothhelfer – Arqis; Waldemar Rembold – Arqis; Jörn-Christian Schulze – Arqis; Rolf Tichy – Arqis; Martin Weingärtner – Arqis; Evelyn Niitväli – Niitväli Competition Law;

Law Firms: Arqis; Niitväli Competition Law;

Clients: BME SHK Deutschland Group;

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler