Beijer Byggmaterial’s Acquisition of Kakeldax

Vinge has advised Beijer Byggmaterial AB on the deal.

Beijer Byggmaterial AB announced the acquisition of the Kakeldax group.

The Kakeldax group consists of three strong brands – Stigs Kakel, Kakeldax and Kakelcentralen. The group has more than 30 years of industry experience with 11 own stores, web shops and distributors across the country. The head office and central storage facility are located in Gothenburg.

Beijer Byggmaterial is the leading Swedish chain of builders’ merchants. It operates through combi-stores with an extensive and well-assorted product range for both professional and DIY customers.

Vinge’s team consisted of, among others, Jonas Bergström (Picture), Joacim Rydergård, Vilhelm Rondahl, Ellinor Wargenbrant and Beatrice Randow (M&A), Hedvig Ekdahl (Corporate Commercial), Frida Ställborn (Real Property/Lease Agreements), Lina Österberg (Environment), Karl-Hugo Engdahl (GDPR), Ebba Svenburg and Elin Broman (Employment Law), Felizia Wiker (IP) and Nathalie Hughes (VDR).

Involved fees earner: Jonas Bergström – Vinge; Elin Broman – Vinge; Hedvig Ekdahl – Vinge; Karl-Hugo Engdahl – Vinge; Lina Österberg – Vinge; Beatrice Randow – Vinge; Vilhelm Rondahl – Vinge; Joacim Rydergård – Vinge; Frida Ställborn – Vinge; Ebba Svenburg – Vinge; Ellinor Wargenbrant – Vinge; Felizia Wiker – Vinge;

Law Firms: Vinge;

Clients: Beijer Byggmaterial AB;

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler