Axcel VI’s Investment in Currentum AB

Vinge has advised Axcel VI.

Axcel entered into a partnership with Ventab, Ventilationsprojekt and Installationsbolaget to create a strong installation group within HVAC, H&S, sprinkler and building automation with offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Södertälje, Nyköping, Norrköping, Linköping, Katrineholm and Eskilstuna.

The new group has revenues of around SEK 900 million with over 300 employees and a strong market position in both western and eastern Sweden. Current owners and management will remain in their roles and maintain a significant stake in the new group. Together, Axcel and its partners will continue to expand the new group throughout Sweden and beyond, both in existing and new technical disciplines.

Ventab, Ventilationsprojekt and Installationsbolaget all have a long and successful track record of profitable growth and are leaders in their respective region and market segment with an outstanding reputation. The companies will keep their well-established brand names and strong local focus. At the same time, the new and larger group will have more resources and better market coverage and be able to provide its customers with a broader and stronger service offering.

Currentum AB is a leading player in the Swedish technical installation market and has been created through the combination of Ventab, Ventilationsprojekt, Installationsbolaget VS and Sprinkler.

Ventab is a leading provider of ventilation and building automation services headquartered in Gothenburg. Founded in 1977, Ventab i Göteborg and Ventab Styr today have revenues of nearly SEK 300 million and some 80 employees.

Ventilationsprojekt is a leading provider of ventilation and building automation services headquartered in Norrköping and with offices in Linköping, Nyköping, Södertälje, Eskilstuna and Katrineholm. Founded in 1993, Ventilationsprojekt today has revenues of some SEK 300 million and some 115 employees.

Installationsbolaget VS was founded in Gothenburg 2000 and is established in Stockholm since 2014. Installationsbolaget Sprinkler was founded in 2003. Installationsbolaget VS and Sprinkler are leading providers of heating, sanitation and sprinkler services with revenues of over SEK 300 million and 115 employees.

Founded in 1994, Axcel is a Nordic private equity firm focusing on mid-market companies and has a broad base of both Nordic and international investors. Axcel has raised six funds with total committed capital of over EUR 2.5 billion. These funds have made 57 platform investments with well over 100 major add-on investments, 43 exits and Axcel currently owns 14 companies.

Vinge’s team consisted of Christina Kokko (Picture), Karl Klackenberg, Hannah Kajlinger, Carl Fredrik Wachtmeister, Mikael Ståhl, Karl-Gustaw Tobola, Lisa Hörnqvist, Isak Willborg, Ebba Svenburg, Olof Löfvenberg, Johan Wahlbom, and Viktoria Owetz Leyva.

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