Aviko Rixona’s Strategic Partnership with Unilever

Noerr LLP advised Royal Cosun, while DLA Piper advised Unilever.

Royal Cosun signed an agreement of a strategic partnership between its group company Aviko Rixona and Unilever.

As part of this partnership, Aviko Rixona will take over Unilever’s Pfanni-plant in Stavenhagen. At the same time, Aviko Rixona will become a long-term supplier for Unilever’s potato products and snackpots. The Pfanni brand remains with Unilever. The aim is to create synergies driven by scale and technology and to manufacture best potato products. The Pfanni-plant in Stavenhagen has been producing potato products for more than 45 years and stands out for its unique technologies as well as enormous expertise.

Aviko Rixona, an Aviko company, is part of Royal Cosun, an international agro-industrial cooperative dedicated to manufacturing plant based solutions for food, feed and non food applications and green energy . Over the past 60 years, Aviko Rixona has developed into a leading producer of dehydrated potato granules and potato flakes. These products are supplied to the snack food industry, catering and retail, bakery, meat and fish industries and to producers of soups and sauces in more than 60 countries on all 5 continents.

Unilever is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer goods.

The DLA Piper team was led by Dr Nils Krause and Dr Moritz von Hesberg and comprised Dr Kai Bodenstedt, Dr Florian Biesalski, Semin O, Dr Björn Enders, Dr Marco Arteaga, Dr Christoph Dachner, Dr Annekatrin Veit, Florian Jeske, Sonja Beier, Georg Haberkorn, Rune Jelte Weltz, Christine Uwase, Alexander Lamers, Alexander Rösch, Florian Hader, Joris Willems, Fabio del Bene, Gualtiero Luca Dragotti, Vittorio Riva and Giacomo Lusardi.

Noerr team was led by Dr Jan-Philipp Meier (Picture) and Dr Felix Muhl, Christoph Brenzinger, Dr. Martin Geipel, Dr Benjamin Jahn, Dr Torsten Kraul, Christian Alexander Mayer, Dr Till Steinvorth, Michael Tommaso, Vanessa Wüsthoff, Ines Coenen, Dr Henrik Dornscheidt, Lucas Gasser, Vitaliy Kaminskiy, Nathalie Kibler, Dr Jasmin Schulzweida, Dr Ramon Sieven, Henrike von dem Berge and Dr Wolfgang Wittek.

Involved fees earner: Marco Arteaga – DLA Piper; Sonja Beier – DLA Piper; Florian Biesalski – DLA Piper; Kai Bodenstedt – DLA Piper; Christoph Dachner – DLA Piper; Fabio del Bene – DLA Piper; Gualtiero Dragotti – DLA Piper; Björn Enders – DLA Piper; Georg Haberkorn – DLA Piper; Florian Hader – DLA Piper; Florian Jeske – DLA Piper; Nils Krause – DLA Piper; Alexander Lamers – DLA Piper; Giacomo Lusardi – DLA Piper; Semin O – DLA Piper; Vittorio Riva – DLA Piper; Alexander Rösch – DLA Piper; Christine Uwase – DLA Piper; Annekatrin Veit – DLA Piper; Moritz von Hesberg – DLA Piper; Rune Jelte Weltz – DLA Piper; Joris Willems – DLA Piper; Henrike von dem Berge – Noerr; Christoph Brenzinger – Noerr; Ines Coenen – Noerr; Henrik Dornscheidt – Noerr; Lucas Gasser – Noerr; Martin Geipel – Noerr; Benjamin Jahn – Noerr; Vitaliy Kaminskiy – Noerr; Nathalie Kibler – Noerr; Torsten Kraul – Noerr; Christian Mayer – Noerr; Jan-Philipp Meier – Noerr; Felix Muhl – Noerr; Jasmin Schulzweida – Noerr; Ramon Sieven – Noerr; Till Steinvorth – Noerr; Michael Tommaso – Noerr; Wolfgang Wittek – Noerr; Vanessa Wüsthoff – Noerr;

Law Firms: DLA Piper; Noerr;

Clients: Royal Cosun; Unilever;