Avantor’s €890 Million Acquisition of Ritter GmbH And Its Affiliates

Schilling, Zutt & Anschütz and Wolff Theiss advised Avantor on the deal, while Gleiss Lutz advised Ritter Group.

Avantor entered into a definitive agreement to acquire privately held Ritter GmbH and its affiliates in an all-cash transaction with an upfront equity purchase price of approximately €890 million subject to final adjustments at closing and additional payments based on achieving future business performance milestones.

Based in Schwabmünchen, Ritter GmbH is the fastest-growing manufacturer of high-quality robotic and liquid handling consumables. These mission-critical consumables are used in a variety of molecular screening and diagnostic applications as well as in drug discovery and clinical trial testing in pharma and biotech applications. Besides its German location, Ritter also operates a plant in Slovenia.

Avantor, a Fortune 500 company, is a leading global provider of products and services in the biopharma, healthcare, education and government, advanced technologies and applied materials industries. The company’s portfolio is used in virtually every stage of the most important research, development and production activities in the respective industries. Avantor’s global presence allows the company to serve more than 225,000 customer locations and grants the company extensive access to research laboratories and scientists in more than 180 countries.

The SZA team was led by Dr Michaela Balke and Dr Oliver Schröder (Picture) and further included Dr Matthias Heusel, Dr Christoph Allmendinger, Dr Peter Bauschatz, Dr Thomas Nägele, Dr Steffen Henn, Professor Dr Kristian Fischer, Dr Stephanie Birmanns, Dr André Reinhard, Dr Andreas Herr, Dr Alexia Wahl, Florian Knerr, Dr Yvonne Schmid, Dr Maximilian Goette, Dr Anke Hofmann and Alexander Stolz.

The inhouse at Avantor: Scott Baker and Jörn Elbracht.

The Wolff Theiss team was led by Markus Bruckmüller.

The Gleiss Lutz team was headed by Dr. Jochen Tyrolt and Dr. Christian Cascante and also included Johannes Schrägle, Dr. Patrick Mossler, Dr. Daniel Heck, Florian Schorn, Dr. Lucas Hertneck, Nikolas Frey, Dr. Dirk Wasmann, Dr. Thorsten Gayk, Dr. Johann Wagner, Dr. Thomas Bücheler, Dr. Doris-Maria Schuster, Dr. Daniela Mayr, Prof. Dr. Martin Diller, Dr. Sebastian Ernst, Dr. Alexander Molle, Dr. Matthias Schilde, Jan Hinrichs, Dr. Christian Hamann, Simon Wegmann, Dr. Enno Burk, Dr. Christina Fröb, Dr. Jacob von Andreae, Aylin Hoffs, Dr. Moritz Holm-Hadulla, Dr. Andreas Schüssel, Dr. Simon Wagner, Frank Schlobach, Dr. Thomas Kulzer and Konrad Discher.

Involved fees earner: Thomas Bücheler – Gleiss Lutz; Enno Burk – Gleiss Lutz; Christian Cascante – Gleiss Lutz; Martin Diller – Gleiss Lutz; Konrad Discher – Gleiss Lutz; Sebastian Ernst – Gleiss Lutz; Nikolas Frey – Gleiss Lutz; Christina Fröb – Gleiss Lutz; Thorsten Gayk – Gleiss Lutz; Christian Hamann – Gleiss Lutz; Daniel Heck – Gleiss Lutz; Lucas Hertneck – Gleiss Lutz; Jan Hinrichs – Gleiss Lutz; Aylin Hoffs – Gleiss Lutz; Moritz Holm-Hadulla – Gleiss Lutz; Thomas Kulzer – Gleiss Lutz; Daniela Mayr – Gleiss Lutz; Alexander Molle – Gleiss Lutz; Patrick Mossler – Gleiss Lutz; Matthias Schilde – Gleiss Lutz; Frank Schlobach – Gleiss Lutz; Florian Schorn – Gleiss Lutz; Johannes Schrägle – Gleiss Lutz; Andreas Schüssel – Gleiss Lutz; Doris-Maria Schuster – Gleiss Lutz; Jochen Tyrolt – Gleiss Lutz; Jacob von Andreae – Gleiss Lutz; Johann Wagner – Gleiss Lutz; Simon Wagner – Gleiss Lutz; Dirk Wasmann – Gleiss Lutz; Simon Wegmann – Gleiss Lutz; Christoph Allmendinger – SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz; Michaela Balke – SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz; Peter Bauschatz – SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz; Stephanie Birmanns – SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz; Kristian Fischer – SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz; Maximilian Goette – SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz; Steffen Henn – SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz; Andreas Herr – SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz; Matthias Heusel – SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz; Anke Hofmann – SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz; Florian Knerr – SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz; Thomas Nägele – SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz; André Reinhard – SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz; Yvonne Schmid – SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz; Oliver Schröder – SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz; Alexander Stolz – SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz; Alexia Wahl – SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz; Markus Bruckmuller – Wolf Theiss;

Law Firms: Gleiss Lutz; SZA Schilling Zutt & Anschütz; Wolf Theiss;

Clients: Avantor Performance Materials, Inc.; Ritter GmbH;

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler