ASML acquires 24.9% of Carl Zeiss AG’s SMT division

Hengeler Mueller advises Carl Zeiss AG on sale of interest in Carl Zeiss SMT to ASML

Carl Zeiss AG has sold an interest of 24.9% of its SMT division to ASML. The Dutch company ASML is the world’s biggest provider of semiconductor lithography equipment which is used to produce integrated circuits (microchips). With its lithography optics and other optical systems, Carl Zeiss SMT enables the production of high performance microchips. Together with ASML, Carl Zeiss aims to develop the next generation of lithography systems (EUV). The purchase price is EUR 1 bn in cash. In addition to the agreement of the minority interest, the two companies have also agreed that ASML will support Carl Zeiss SMT`s research and development (R&D) for approximately EUR 220 m as well as capital expenditures and other supply chain investments for approximately EUR 540 m over the next 6 years.

Hengeler Mueller advised Carl Zeiss AG on this transaction. The Hengeler Mueller team included partners Georg Seyfarth (Picture) (M&A/Corporate), Thorsten Mäger (Antitrust) (both Düsseldorf), Daniel Weiss, Christian Schmies (both Financing and Structuring, Frankfurt) as well as associates Tobias de Raet, Michael Danzeglocke (both M&A/Corporate), Anja Balitzki (Antitrust) (all Düsseldorf) and Malte Wundenberg (Financing, Frankfurt).

Gleiss Lutz advised ASML on all legal aspects of its acquisition of a shareholding in Carl Zeiss SMT. The Gleiss Lutz team headed by Dr. Patrick Kaffiné, Dr. Detlef Bauer (both partner, Frankfurt) and Dr. Christian Cascante (partner, Stuttgart) (all lead, all corporate/M&A) also included the following lawyers:

Dr. Jörn Wöbke (partner, Hamburg), Dr. Rüdiger Schmidt-Bendun, Dr. Konstantin von Dryander, Vanessa Carduck (all Frankfurt) (all corporate/M&A), Dr. Eva Reudelhuber (partner), Yana Koch (both banking and finance, Frankfurt), Dr. Simon Wagner (Stuttgart), Dr. Micha Christopher Pfarr (Berlin) (both commercial), Dr. Tobias Johannes Abend (employment, Frankfurt), Dr. Herwig Lux (counsel, Stuttgart), Dr. Matthias Werner (counsel, Munich) (both IP/IT), Dr. Jacob von Andreae (partner), Dr. Eva Koch (both public law, Düsseldorf), Dr. Philipp Naab (counsel, real estate, Frankfurt), Dr. Stefan Mayer (partner), Dr. Ocka Stumm (both tax, Frankfurt), Dr. Wolfgang Bosch (partner), Sergej Bräuer (both merger control, Frankfurt).

Involved fees earner: Patrick Kaffiné – Gleiss Lutz; Detlef Bauer – Gleiss Lutz; Christian Cascante – Gleiss Lutz; Jörn Wöbke – Gleiss Lutz; Rüdiger Schmidt-Bendun – Gleiss Lutz; Konstantin von Dryander – Gleiss Lutz; Vanessa Carduck – Gleiss Lutz; Eva Reudelhuber – Gleiss Lutz; Yana Koch – Gleiss Lutz; Simon Wagner – Gleiss Lutz; Micha Christopher Pfarr – Gleiss Lutz; Tobias Johannes Abend – Gleiss Lutz; Herwig Lux – Gleiss Lutz; Matthias Werner – Gleiss Lutz; Jacob von Andreae – Gleiss Lutz; Eva Koch – Gleiss Lutz; Philipp Naab – Gleiss Lutz; Stefan Mayer – Gleiss Lutz; Ocka Stumm – Gleiss Lutz; Wolfgang Bosch – Gleiss Lutz; Sergej Bräuer – Gleiss Lutz; Georg Seyfarth – Hengeler Mueller; Tobias de Raet – Hengeler Mueller; Michael Danzeglocke – Hengeler Mueller; Thorsten Mäger – Hengeler Mueller; Anja Balitzki – Hengeler Mueller; Daniel Weiss – Hengeler Mueller; Christian Schmies – Hengeler Mueller; Malte Wundenberg – Hengeler Mueller;

Law Firms: Gleiss Lutz; Hengeler Mueller;

Clients: ASML; Carl Zeiss AG;