Arlington Capital Partners’ Acquisition of J&J Worldwide Services

Sheppard Mullin advised Arlington Capital Partners on the deal, while Bracewell represented J&J Worldwide Services.

Arlington Capital Partners, Washington, DC-based private equity, completed its acquisition of J&J Worldwide Services, Inc. (J&J). J&J represents the fourth investment out of Arlington Capital Partners V L.P., a $1.7 billion fund raised last year.

J&J is a leading provider of mission-essential, preventative maintenance activities to critical U.S. Federal Government sites through its Healthcare and Medical Solutions, Mission Support Solutions and Engineering Solutions segments.

Arlington is focused on middle market investment opportunities in growth industries including government services and technology, aerospace & defense, healthcare, and business services and software.

The Sheppard Mullin team was led by Luca Salvi (Picture) and included Michael Koltonyuk, Wes Fischer, Michael Ragan, Jim Ritter, Claudia Hinsch, Carlo Van den Bosch, Olivier Theard,  Jonathan Meyer, Anne Perry, David Gallacher, Adam Bartolanzo, Nikole Snyder, Fatema Merchant, James Hays, Sean Kirby, Robert Gorzelany, Jarred Ramo, Michael Baranovic, Lee Weiss, Jordan Ehrlich, David Chidlaw, Christine Clements, Paul Werner, Imad Matini, Amanda Witt, Hannah Wigger, John Crisp, Andre Cronthall, Diandra Molina,  Amy McEvoy, Candace Matson, Matthew McCalip, Jonathan Clark, Todd Padnos, Drew Svor, Keith Gercken, Robert Magielnicki, Malika Levarlet, Evan Hall, and Joel Bannister.

Bracewell represented J&J Worldwide Services with Partners Tom W. Adkins, Rebecca L. Baker, Philip J. Bezanson, W. Cleland Dade, Michael Chibib, Matthew B. Grunert, Daniel E. Hemli, Elizabeth L. McGinley, Robert J. Wagman Jr., Timothy A. Wilkins and Tony L. Visage, Counsel Lance W. Behnke, Jacqueline R. Java and George W. Rendziperis, Associates Benjamin J. Martin, Kate Barrington McGregor, W. Jared Berg, Andrew W. Monk, Caroline E. Ellis, Sarah Ashley Byrd, Catherine B. Engell, Emily A. Banseand Amber K. Dodds.

Involved fees earner: Thomas Adkins – Bracewell; Rebecca Baker – Bracewell; Emily Banse – Bracewell; Kate Barrington McGregor – Bracewell; Lance Behnke – Bracewell; Jared Berg – Bracewell; Philip Bezanson – Bracewell; Sarah Ashley Byrd – Bracewell; Michael Chibib – Bracewell; Cleland Dade – Bracewell; Amber Dodds – Bracewell; Caroline Ellis – Bracewell; Catherine Engell – Bracewell; Matthew Grunert – Bracewell; Daniel Hemli – Bracewell; Jacqueline Java – Bracewell; Benjamin Martin – Bracewell; Elizabeth McGinley – Bracewell; Andrew Monk – Bracewell; George Rendziperis – Bracewell; Tony Visage – Bracewell; Robert Wagman Jr. – Bracewell; Timothy Wilkins – Bracewell; Claudia Hinsch – Holland & Knight; Joel Bannister – Sheppard Mullin; Michael Baranovic – Sheppard Mullin; Adam Bartolanzo – Sheppard Mullin; Anne Bluth Perry – Sheppard Mullin; David Chidlaw – Sheppard Mullin; Jonathan Clark – Sheppard Mullin; Christine Clements – Sheppard Mullin; John Crisp – Sheppard Mullin; Andre Cronthall – Sheppard Mullin; Jordan Ehrlich – Sheppard Mullin; James Wesley Fischer – Sheppard Mullin; David Gallacher – Sheppard Mullin; Keith Gercken – Sheppard Mullin; Robert Gorzelany – Sheppard Mullin; Evan Hall – Sheppard Mullin; James Hays – Sheppard Mullin; Sean Kirby – Sheppard Mullin; Michael Koltonyuk – Sheppard Mullin; Malika Levarlet – Sheppard Mullin; Imad Matini – Sheppard Mullin; Candace Matson – Sheppard Mullin; Matthew McCalip – Sheppard Mullin; Amy McEvoy – Sheppard Mullin; Fatema Merchant – Sheppard Mullin; Jonathan Meyer – Sheppard Mullin; Diandra Molina – Sheppard Mullin; Todd Padnos – Sheppard Mullin; Michael Ragan – Sheppard Mullin; Jarred Ramo – Sheppard Mullin; James Ritter – Sheppard Mullin; Lucantonio Salvi – Sheppard Mullin; Nikole Snyder – Sheppard Mullin; Douglas Svor – Sheppard Mullin; Olivier Theard – Sheppard Mullin; Carlo Van den Bosch – Sheppard Mullin; Jason Weiss – Sheppard Mullin; Paul Werner – Sheppard Mullin; Hannah Wigger – Sheppard Mullin; Amanda Witt – Sheppard Mullin;

Law Firms: Bracewell; Holland & Knight; Sheppard Mullin;

Clients: Arlington Capital Partners LP; J&J Worldwide Services;

Author: Ambrogio Visconti