ArchiMed’s Acquisition of Zyto Group

ARQIS advised ArchiMed on the deal, while Noerr advised Zyto group.

ArchiMed announced the acquisition of Zyto, a group of cancer diagnostics businesses in Germany in partnership with owners and management.

With ArchiMed’s backing, the group is expected to rapidly become a European leader in diagnostics for cutting-edge, precision medical treatments for cancer.

ArchiMed is acquiring a majority stake in the group through its MED II fund, which closed on 315 million euros in 2017. MED II buys control of small cap healthcare companies in partnership with existing owners and staff. The founders and managers of the Zyto companies will have a significant minority shareholding in the group and will benefit from performance incentives post-transaction.

ArchiMed is an independent investment firm specialized in the Healthcare industries and has over 1.7 billion euros under management across three funds, mid-cap-focused MED Platform I, and small-cap-focused MED I and MED II.

ZytoMax GmbH is a holding created from the acquisition of three companies Zytomed Systems GmbH, ZytoVision GmbH and 42 Life Sciences GmbH & Co KG. The Group is a fully integrated developer, manufacturer, and distributor of in-situ hybridization (ISH) and immunohistochemistry (IHC) cancer diagnostics tests and equipment for clinical pathology labs in hospitals and private practices. The group has a direct presence in Germany and sells its products internationally via a distribution network. ZytoMax is the fourth largest provider of IHC products and the second largest provider of ISH products in Germany. The group offers the broadest product portfolio and the highest service quality in the industry. The combined companies offer over 40,000 products, which cover IHC consumables (primary antibodies, detection systems and ancillary reagents), ISH consumables (probes, kits and reagents for both FISH and CISH, for manual use or semi-automated instruments) and automation instruments.

The Arqis team was led by Dr. Jörn-Christian Schulze (Picture), and included Dr. Lars Laeger, Tobias Neufeld, Johannes Landry, Dr. Ulrich Lienhard, Marcus Nothhelfer, Thomas Chwalek, Dr. Stephanie Lenze, Sina Janke, Carolin Schlütter-Lückel, Kamil Flak, Dr. Nima Hanifi-Atashgah, Malte Griepenburg, Eva Kraszkiewicz, Thi Kieu Chinh Nguyen, Diana Puchowezki, Nora Meyer-Stratmann, and Berenike Gottwald.

The Noerr team was led by Dr Thorsten Reinhard and Dr Laurenz Tholen, and included Dr Carsten Heinz, Dr Bärbel Sachs, Dr Johannes Schäffer, Pascal Schumacher, Henrike von dem Berge, Dr Stefan Schwab, Nathalie Kibler, Dr Anna Olbrys-Sobieszuk, and Alison Heinze.

Involved fees earner: Thomas Chwalek – Arqis; Kamil Flak – Arqis; Berenike Gottwald – Arqis; Malte Griepenburg – Arqis; Nima Hanifi-Atashgah – Arqis; Sina Janke – Arqis; Eva Kraszkiewicz – Arqis; Lars Laeger – Arqis; Johannes Landry – Arqis; Stephanie Lenze – Arqis; Ulrich Lienhard – Arqis; Nora Meyer-Stratmann – Arqis; Tobias Neufeld – Arqis; Thi Kieu Chinh Nguyen – Arqis; Marcus Nothhelfer – Arqis; Diana Puchowezki – Arqis; Carolin Schlütter – Arqis; Jörn-Christian Schulze – Arqis; Henrike von dem Berge – Noerr; Carsten Heinz – Noerr; Alison Heinze – Noerr; Nathalie Kibler – Noerr; Anna Olbrys-Sobieszuk – Noerr; Thorsten Reinhard – Noerr; Bärbel Sachs – Noerr; Johannes Schäffer – Noerr; Pascal Schumacher – Noerr; Stefan Schwab – Noerr; Laurenz Tholen – Noerr;

Law Firms: Arqis; Noerr;

Clients: 42 Life Sciences GmbH & Co. KG; ArchiMed SAS; Zytomed Systems GmbH; ZytoVision GmbH;