American Vanguard’s Acquisition of Agrovant and Defensive in Brazil

Sperling Advogados, Lefosse and Celso Cordeiro & Marco Aurélio de Carvalho advised on the deal

American Vanguard Corporation AVD acquires two affiliated Brazilian limited liability companies – Agrovant and Defensive. The combined business primarily focuses on the market segments of fruits and vegetables. The business has become a fast-growing supplier of micronutrients and crop protection products, with yearly sales of around $20 million. However, the financial terms of the deal have been kept under wraps.

Founded in 2000, Agrovant and Defensive distribution franchise, located in the province of Sao Paulo, Brazil, consists of 35 full-time employees with a group of experienced commissioned sales agents. Management has been successful at driving significan t earnings and revenue growth, while having excellent control of credit risk, debt financing and working capital.

The acquisition helps the company expands access to the Brazilian agricultural sector, which ranks, with approximately $9 billion, as the world’s largest crop protection market. The deal provides American Vanguard a strong platform to market and distribute AMVAC products as well as offer introduction of SIMPAS (Smart Integrated Multi-product Prescriptive Application System) planting systems in South America. Additionally, the company will penetrate the extensive Brazilian soybean market apart from Agrovant/Defensive’s strong position in the fruits and vegetables market. The company expects to increase its involvement in the cotton, corn and sugar cane segments as well as the fast-growing micronutrients market.

Sperling Advogados advised American Vanguard Corporation with Felipe Garcia de Souza (Picture) and Marcio Sperling.

Lefosse advised the selling shareholders: John William Redfern Junior, Bianca Redfern Guidolin and Anne Redfern Vessoni with Mauricio Paschoal, Christiano Rehder, Joana Liu, Pablo Arana, Izabela Vecchi, Marcela Leal and Matheus Maiotto.

Celso Cordeiro & Marco Aurélio de Carvalho Advogados advised the selling shareholders with Pedro Moreira, Aline Braghini and Bruno Roberto.

Involved fees earner: Aline Cristina Braghini – Celso Cordeiro & Marco Aurélio de Carvalho (CM Abogados); Pedro Gomes Miranda e Moreira – Celso Cordeiro & Marco Aurélio de Carvalho (CM Abogados); Bruno Roberto Zambon – Celso Cordeiro & Marco Aurélio de Carvalho (CM Abogados); Pablo Arana – Lefosse; Marcela Leal – Lefosse; Joana Liu – Lefosse; Matheus Maiotto – Lefosse; Mauricio Paschoal – Lefosse; Christiano Rehder – Lefosse; Izabela Vecchi – Lefosse; Felipe Garcia de Souza – Sperling Advogados; Marcio Sperling – Sperling Advogados;

Law Firms: Celso Cordeiro & Marco Aurélio de Carvalho (CM Abogados); Lefosse; Sperling Advogados;

Clients: American Vanguard; Anne Redfern Vessoni; Bianca Redfern Guidolin; John William Redfern Junior;

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Author: Ambrogio Visconti.