American Tower’s €7.7 Billion Acquisition of Telxius’ Telecommunications Tower Business

Paul, Weiss and Clifford Chance represented KKR in the transaction. Allen & Overy, DLA Piper, Marval O’Farrell Mairal and Pinheiro Neto advised American Tower Corporation. Garrigues and Tanoira Cassagne advised Telefónica.

Telxius completed the €7.7 billion sale of its telecommunications tower unit to American Tower Corporation. The sale comprises approximately 31,000 telecommunication tower sites across Europe and Latin America. Telxius will retain its telecommunication submarine cable business. The transaction is subject to regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions.

Telxius is a telecommunication infrastructure operator controlled by Telefónica S.A, in which KKR has a 40% stake.

American Tower is a global provider of wireless communications infrastructure and next generation wireless technologies.

The Paul, Weiss team representing KKR included corporate partner Alvaro Membrillera (Picture).

The Clifford Chance team advising KKR was led by lawyers from Madrid M&A group Javier Amantegui, Samir Azzouzi and Jorge Martín Sainz.

Allen & Overy advised American Tower Corporation, Inc. with  Fernando Torrente, Teresa Méndez, Bosco De Checa,   Santiago Gil-Gruart, Tom Levine, Christian Hilmes, Ruediger Klueber, Daniel Bolm, Jan-Benedikt Fischer.

In Chile, DLA Piper advised American Tower Corporation, Inc. with Marco Salgado, Sofía O’Ryan, Paulina Farías Castro, Ignacio Quezada, María Isabel Izquierdo, Macarena Alliende and Nicolás Fontaine.

In Perù, DLA Piper advised American Tower Corporation, Inc. with Luis E. Vargas, Jorge Collantes and Roberto Berendson.

IN Argenetina, Marval O’Farrell Mairal advised American Tower Corporation, Inc. with Miguel Del Pino, Pilar Etcheverry Boneo and Denise María Ángela Chipont.

In Brazil, Pinheiro Neto advised American Tower Corporation, Inc. with Fernando Alves Meira, Leonardo Peres da Rocha e Silva, Camila Carvalho Gomes, João Victor Crepaldi, Ricardo Busana Galvão Bueno and José Rubens Battazza Iasbech.

Garrigues advised Telefónica S.A. and Telxius Telecom, SA with Fernando Vives, Álvaro López-Jorrín, Susana Cabrera,  Rafael Calvo, Manuel Rodríguez de Bethencourt, Aída González, Juan González, Fernando Las Navas, Javier Valderrama and Carlos Lozano.

Tanoira Cassagne advised Telefónica S.A. with Bernardo Cassagne, Francisco Rondoletti, Santiago Monti and Alejandro Julián Mora.

Involved fees earner: Daniel Bolm – Allen & Overy; Bosco De Checa – Allen & Overy; Jan-Benedikt Fischer – Allen & Overy; Santiago Gil-Gruart – Allen & Overy; Christian Hilmes – Allen & Overy; Ruediger Klueber – Allen & Overy; Tom Levine – Allen & Overy; Teresa Mendez – Allen & Overy; Fernando Torrente – Allen & Overy; Javier Amantegui – Clifford Chance; Samir Azzouzi – Clifford Chance; Jorge Sainz – Clifford Chance; María Isabel Izquierdo – DLA Piper; Roberto Berendson – DLA Piper – Perù; Jorge Collantes – DLA Piper – Perù; Luis Vargas – DLA Piper – Perù; Macarena Alliende – DLA Piper Chile; Paulina Farías – DLA Piper Chile; Nicolás Fontaine – DLA Piper Chile; Sofía O’Ryan – DLA Piper Chile; Ignacio Quezada – DLA Piper Chile; Marco Salgado – DLA Piper Chile; Susana Cabrera Zaragoza – Garrigues; Rafael Calvo Salinero – Garrigues; Aida Gonzalez – Garrigues; Juan González Ortega – Garrigues; Fernando Las Navas – Garrigues; Álvaro López-Jorrín Hernández – Garrigues; Manuel Rodríguez de Bethencourt – Garrigues; Javier Valderrama Serrato – Garrigues; Fernando Vives – Garrigues; Denise Maria Angela Chipont – Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal; Miguel del Pino – Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal; Pilar Etcheverry Boneo – Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal; Alvaro Membrillera – Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison; Fernando Alves Meira – Pinheiro Neto; José Rubens Battazza Iasbech – Pinheiro Neto; Ricardo Busana Galvão Bueno – Pinheiro Neto; Camila Carvalho Gomes – Pinheiro Neto; Joao Vitor de Araujo Crepaldi – Pinheiro Neto; Leonardo Peres da Rocha e Silva – Pinheiro Neto; Bernardo Cassagne – Tanoira Cassagne; Santiago Monti – Tanoira Cassagne; Alejandro Mora – Tanoira Cassagne; Francisco Rondoletti – Tanoira Cassagne;

Law Firms: Allen & Overy; Clifford Chance; DLA Piper; DLA Piper – Perù; DLA Piper Chile; Garrigues; Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal; Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison; Pinheiro Neto; Tanoira Cassagne;

Clients: American Tower; KKR; Telefonica; Telxius Telecom;