Altán’s $1.8 billion financing for Red Compartida project

Clifford Chance, Galicia Abogados, White & Case, Hogan Lovells, González Calvillo and Linklaters have advised on the transaction

In 17 November 2016, Mexico’s Ministry of Communications and Transportation has announced today that the Altán Consortium has won the international tender process for Red Compartida, this Government’s most ambitious telecom project.

The Altán Consortium will be responsible for the design, installation, operation and upkeep of a wholesale mobile broadband network, that will facilitate the provision of current and future telecommunication services. The roll-out of Red Compartida will be carried out through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP), a project that is expected to generate investment in excess of $7 billion over the life of the concession.

Red Compartida will enable access to the most advanced 4G-LTE technologies to at least 92.2% of the country, ensuring these services in areas where traditional operators either presently do not reach, or where providing to these areas is not profitable. It should usher in an era of more competitive prices and improved service quality, transforming the telecom sector in Mexico and driving the country’s economic and social development.

Nokia was selected by ALTÁN Redes to design, build and operate a new nationwide LTE and 5G-ready wholesale network in Mexico in what will be Nokia’s largest-ever contract win by scale in Latin America

On April 2017, mexican construction consortium Altán Redes has secured two-part project financing worth US$1.8 billion to fund construction of the Red Compartida wholesale shared mobile network.

Banobras, Bancomext and Nafin has granted the credit facility.

Clifford Chance LLP has advised ALTÁN Redes, S.A.P.I. de C.V. with Epifanio Pérez, José Guardo and Eugenio Fernández-Rico.

Galicia Abogados, S.C. has advised ALTÁN Redes, S.A.P.I. de C.V. with Carlos de María y Campos, Antonio Borja C, Belén Molins, Jessica Hurtado and Roberto Galván.

White & Case has advised ALTÁN Redes, S.A.P.I. de C.V. with Iker Arriola, Carlos Mainero and María Ancira.

Hogan Lovells has advised ALTÁN Redes, S.A.P.I. de C.V. with Federico Hernández Arroyo, José F. Valdivia, José Antonio Noguera Watty, Andrej Micovic, Mauricio Fuchs T. and Juan Enrique Lizardi B.

González Calvillo has advised Banobras, Bancomext and Nafin with Enrique González Calvillo, Octavio Delgado Morales, Luis Mancera de Arrigunaga, Alberto Bustamante, Bernardo Reyes Retana, Homero González and Jacqueline Pasquel.

Linklaters LLP has advised Banobras, Bancomext and Nafin with Conrado Tenaglia (Picture), Matthew Poulter, Eamon Nolan, Angus Graham, Will Kim, Timothy Leschke, Patrick Ashby, Jean Rhodes and Ricardo Menéndez.

González Calvillo has advised Huawei and Nokia with José Ignacio Rivero Andere, Eugenio Arnoux Arena, Josué Ávila Macías, Eduardo Ortiz del Campo and Mario Alberto Leal Bravo.

Linklaters has advised Huawei and Nokia with Conrado Tenaglia, Matthew Poulter, Eamon Nolan, Angus Graham, Will Kim, Timothy Leschke, Patrick Ashby, Jean Rhodes and Ricardo Menéndez.


Involved fees earner: Enrique González Calvillo – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Octavio Delgado Morales – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Luis Mancera – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Alberto Bustamante – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Bernardo Reyes Retana – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Homero González – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Jacqueline Pasquel González – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; José Ignacio Rivero Andere – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Eugenio Arnoux Arena – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Josué Ávila Macías – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Eduardo Ortíz del Blanco – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Mario Alberto Leal Bravo – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Carlos De Maria y Campos – Galicia Abogados, S.C; Antonio Borja Charles – Galicia Abogados, S.C; Belén Molins Benavent – Galicia Abogados, S.C; Jessica Hurtado – Galicia Abogados, S.C; Roberto Galván L. – Galicia Abogados, S.C; Federico Hernández Arroyo – Hogan Lovells; José Valdivia – Hogan Lovells; Andrej Micovic – Hogan Lovells; José Noguera – Hogan Lovells; Iker Arriola – White & Case; Carlos Mainero Ruíz – White & Case; María Alejandra Ancira Torres – White & Case; Conrado Tenaglia – Linklaters; Matthew Poulter – Linklaters; Eamon Nolan – Linklaters; Angus Graham – Linklaters; Timothy Leschke – Linklaters; Ricardo Menéndez – Linklaters; Patrick Ashby – Linklaters; Epifanio Perez – Clifford Chance; José Guardo – Clifford Chance; Eugenio Fernández Rico – Clifford Chance;

Law Firms: Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Galicia Abogados, S.C; Hogan Lovells; White & Case; Linklaters; Clifford Chance;

Clients: Huawei; Nokia; Banco Nacional de Comercio Exterior, S.N.C. ; Nacional Financiera, Sociedad Nacional de Crédito, Institución de Banca de Desarrollo; Banco Nacional de Obras y Servicios Públicos (Banobras); ALTÁN Redes S.A.P.I. de C.V.;


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