Aenza (Graña y Montero) v. Republic of Perù

Hernández & Cía. advised Aenza S.A.A. on the investigation

Graña y Montero will pay a $125.7 million indemnization to the Republic of Perù for Lava Jato case.

The original indemnization was of $480 Million.

Aenza, formerly known as Grana y Montero, had partnered with Brazilian conglomerate Odebrecht SA on infrastructure projects in Peru and has been accused of bribing public officials, including former presidents. It has been targeted by graft investigations since 2017.  

Hernández & Cía. advised Aenza S.A.A. on the investigation with a team includign Juan Luis Hernández Gazzo (Picture), Gonzalo del Río Labarthe, Alfredo Filomeno Ramírez, Adriana Tagle, Erick Calla and Fernando Rincón.

Involved fees earner: Erick Calla – Hernández & Cía Abogados; Gonzalo del Río Labarthe – Hernández & Cía Abogados; Alfredo Filomeno Ramírez – Hernández & Cía Abogados; Juan Luis Hernández – Hernández & Cía Abogados; Fernando Rincón – Hernández & Cía Abogados; Adriana Tagle Morla – Hernández & Cía Abogados;

Law Firms: Hernández & Cía Abogados;

Clients: Aenza S.A.A.;