AddSecure’s Acquisition of Telia’s Alerta Business

Hannes Snellman acted as counsel to Telia Finland in the sale.

Addsecure has signed an agreement to acquire Telia’s Alerta business from Telia Finland. Telia´s Alerta offering comprises solutions that enable secure alarm transmission and remote management of multiple systems targeted at the public sector and private companies. The transaction has a strategic value as it establishes Addsecure as the leading provider in the alarms transmission market in Finland.

Telia’s Alerta services customers will experience no interruption in their alarm monitoring service, and none of the changes associated with the transition will affect the operation of the alarm systems. Telia’s Alerta business has 19 employees that will transfer to Addsecure with the acquisition.

AddSecure is a leading European provider of premium solutions for secure data and critical communications.

The Hannes Snellman team comprised Tuire Kuronen (Picture), Johannes Husa, Agda Vähä-Piikkiö, Riikka Kuha, Emma Swahne, Erkko Korhonen, Anton Pirinen, Mikko Huimala, Helena Lamminen, Marta Kauppinen, Outi Jousi and Eeva Tiainen.

Involved fees earner: Mikko Huimala – Hannes Snellman; Johannes Husa – Hannes Snellman; Outi Jousi – Hannes Snellman; Marta Kauppinen – Hannes Snellman; Riikka Kuha – Hannes Snellman; Tuire Kuronen – Hannes Snellman; Helena Lamminen – Hannes Snellman; Anton Pirinen – Hannes Snellman; Emma Swahne – Hannes Snellman; Eeva Tiainen – Hannes Snellman; Agda Vähä-Piikkiö – Hannes Snellman;

Law Firms: Hannes Snellman;

Clients: Telia Finland;

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