AddLife’s Acquisition of Vision Ophthalmology Group GmbH

Gleiss Lutz, Schellenberg Wittmer and Delphi advised AddLife on the deal. Hengeler Mueller advised Stirling Square Capital Partners together with Swedish law firm Vinge.

Stirling Square Capital Partners has sold its portfolio company Vision Ophthalmology Group GmbH (VOG) to listed Swedish AddLife AB, The initial purchase price, which can still increase by up to EUR 18 million, is EUR 165 million, of which 50 percent is being paid in cash and 50 percent via AddLife shares.

The medtech company AddLife, listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, offers products, services and advice in the field of medical technology throughout Europe. AddLife has about 1,100 employees in some 50 operating subsidiaries. The AddLife Group currently has net sales of around SEK 5 billion. With the acquisition of the Vision Ophthalmology Group, AddLife is expanding its product portfolio to include a new, strategically important therapeutic area in the growth market of ophthalmology.

Vision Ophthalmology Group GmbH is a leading provider of eye surgery products and services and has subsidiaries in Switzerland, Germany, the UK and Poland. The Group has approximately 190 employees and generated turnover of around EUR 70 million in 2020.

The Gleiss Lutz team was led by Dr. Ralf Morshäuser (Picture) and Jan Philipp Mohr and further included Dr. Patrick Mossler, Melina Grauschopf, Dr. Hendrik Quast, Dr. Thomas Kulzer, Dr. Alexander Molle, Dr. Matthias Schilde, Dr. Enno Burk, Dr. Christina Fröb, Dr. Doris-Maria Schuster, Alexandra-Helene Schwager, Dr. Jonas Rybarz, Dr. Petra Linsmeier and Dr. Iris Benedikt-Buckenleib.

The Schellenberg Wittmer team advising AddLife consisted of Dr. Lorenzo Olgiati, Christian Bonhôte, Céline Schmid, Daniele Simoniello, Elias Ritzi, Jessica Obrist, Dr. Lorenza Ferrari Hofer, Sarah Leins, Dr. Samuel Klaus and David Mamane.

The Delphi’s team consisted of Mats Dahlberg, Fredrik Mörner, Michael Juhlin, Glenn Nyström, Berndt Pettersson, Karin Roberts and Emil Blomqvist.

The Hengeler Mueller was led by Daniel Wiegand and included Nikolaus Vieten, Daniela Böning, Christian Lutz, Isabella Stocks and Fabian Berdin, assisted by lead partner Magnus Pauli from Vinge.

Involved fees earner: Emil Blomqvist – Delphi Advokatfirman; Mats Dahlberg – Delphi Advokatfirman; Michael Juhlin – Delphi Advokatfirman; Fredrik Mörner – Delphi Advokatfirman; Glenn Nyström – Delphi Advokatfirman; Berndt Pettersson – Delphi Advokatfirman; Karin Roberts – Delphi Advokatfirman; Iris Benedikt-Buckenleib – Gleiss Lutz; Enno Burk – Gleiss Lutz; Christina Fröb – Gleiss Lutz; Melina Grauschopf – Gleiss Lutz; Thomas Kulzer – Gleiss Lutz; Petra Linsmeier – Gleiss Lutz; Jan Philipp Mohr – Gleiss Lutz; Alexander Molle – Gleiss Lutz; Ralf Morshäuser – Gleiss Lutz; Patrick Mossler – Gleiss Lutz; Hendrik Quast – Gleiss Lutz; Jonas Rybarz – Gleiss Lutz; Matthias Schilde – Gleiss Lutz; Doris-Maria Schuster – Gleiss Lutz; Alexandra-Helene Schwager – Gleiss Lutz; Fabian Berdin – Hengeler Mueller; Daniela Böning – Hengeler Mueller; Christian Lutz – Hengeler Mueller; Isabella Stocks – Hengeler Mueller; Nikolaus Vieten – Hengeler Mueller; Daniel Wiegand – Hengeler Mueller; Christian Bonhôte – Schellenberg Wittmer; Lorenza Ferrari Hofer – Schellenberg Wittmer; Samuel Klaus – Schellenberg Wittmer; Sarah Leins-Zurmuehle – Schellenberg Wittmer; David Mamane – Schellenberg Wittmer; Lorenzo Olgiati – Schellenberg Wittmer; Elias Ritzi – Schellenberg Wittmer; Céline Schmid – Schellenberg Wittmer; Daniele Simoniello – Schellenberg Wittmer; Magnus Pauli – Vinge;

Law Firms: Delphi Advokatfirman; Gleiss Lutz; Hengeler Mueller; Schellenberg Wittmer; Vinge;

Clients: AddLife AB ; Stirling Square Capital Partners;

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler