AD Capital Tralka Energías Renovables’s Corporate Refinancing and $17 Million Loan

Morales & Besa and Baraona Fischer & Cia advised on the transaction

AD Capital Tralka Energías Renovables, managed by AD Capital, completed a refinancing agreement for ist debts with Banco Security and secured a $17 million loan from Banco Security.

The transaction has a total value of $52 million.

Baraona Fischer & Cia advised AD Capital Tralka Energías Renovables with Federico Rodríguez (Picture), Raúl Marshall, Rodolfo Vega Pizarro and Catalina Wastavino.

Morales & Besa advised Banco Security with Carlos Silva V., Myriam Barahona A., Javier Balbontín, Isabel Cabeza G., Patricio Novoa López-Hermida and José Manuel Llamazales.

Involved fees earner: Raúl Marshall – Baraona Fischer & Cia; Federico Rodríguez – Baraona Fischer & Cia; Rodolfo Vega – Baraona Fischer & Cia; Catalina Wastavino – Baraona Fischer & Cia; Javier Balbontín – Morales & Besa; Myriam Barahona – Morales & Besa; Isabel Cabeza – Morales & Besa; José Manuel Llamazales – Morales & Besa; Patricio Novoa L-H. – Morales & Besa; Carlos Silva – Morales & Besa;

Law Firms: Baraona Fischer & Cia; Morales & Besa;

Clients: AD Capital Tralka Energías Renovables; Banco Security;

Author: Ambrogio Visconti.