Accel-KKR’s Acquisition of Lemontech

Morales & Besa, Roca Junyent, CMS Carey & Allende and Dentons Larrain Rencoret advised on the transaction

Lemontech, a LATAM leader in technological solutions for law firms and corporate legal departments, has received a majority investment from Accel-KKR, a leading Silicon Valley-based investment firm. Lemontech will use the investment to accelerate its international expansion, grow and strengthen its product portfolio and invest in its human capital.

Lemontech offers two industry-leading products: TimeBillingX and CaseTracking. TimeBillingX is a multi-tenant SaaS platform that allows law firms and lawyers to accurately track their time allocation per engagement, provides flexible billing methods (retainer, by hour, etc) and gain valuable insights and reporting on firm productivity. CaseTracking automates and monitors case updates and notifications with the court systems throughout Latin America for law firms and enterprise legal departments, particularly for those that manage large volumes of judicial cases. The Case Tracking product currently monitors and manages over 1.5 million cases throughout LATAM.

For more than 15 years, Lemontech has been a market-leader in providing cloud based, SaaS solutions for legal practitioners in Latin America, focusing on customer experience, service and satisfaction. Overtime, Lemontech has expanded from its home market in Chile to over 18 geographies across Latin America and currently serves over 1,000 law firms and over 10,000 lawyers manage their operations more efficiently.

In addition to funding, Accel-KKR will serve in an advisory capacity in several areas for Lemontech. Tom Barnds and Rob Palumbo, Founding Partners at Accel-KKR, will join the Lemontech Board of Directors, as well as John Crowell, who leads the firm’s efforts in the Latin American region.

Morales & Besa advised Accel-KKR with a team including Michel Diban G. Lorena Barrientos E., Sebastián Nieme, José Manuel Llamazales and Sebastián Streeter on the acquisition.

José Miguel Carvajal, Edmundo Varas, Ignacio Menchaca G., Jaime Rosso G., Marco Correa and Gonzalo Machuca Farías advised on the financing arranged by Banco de Crédito e Inversiones (BCI).

In Spain, Roca Junyent advised Accel-KKR with Santi Pagès Carballeda and Aina Teixido.

CMS Carey & Allende advised Private Shareholders Chile I with Diego Rodríguez Valdés, Gonzalo Serrano, Diego Riveros and Francisco Montes.

Dentons Larrain Rencoret advised Banco de Crédito e Inversiones (BCI) with Felipe Rencoret, Felipe Davanzo and Beatriz Iribarren.

Involved fees earner: Francisco Montes – CMS Carey & Allende; Diego Riveros – CMS Carey & Allende; Diego Rodríguez – CMS Carey & Allende; Gonzalo Serrano – CMS Carey & Allende; Felipe Davanzo – Dentons Larrain Rencoret; Beatriz Iribarren – Dentons Larrain Rencoret; Felipe Rencoret – Dentons Larrain Rencoret; Lorena Barrientos – Morales & Besa; José Miguel Carvajal – Morales & Besa; Marco Correa – Morales & Besa; Michel Diban G. – Morales & Besa; José Manuel Llamazales – Morales & Besa; Gonzalo Machuca F. – Morales & Besa; Ignacio Menchaca – Morales & Besa; Sebastián Nieme S. – Morales & Besa; Jaime Rosso G. – Morales & Besa; Sebastián Streeter – Morales & Besa; Edmundo Varas – Morales & Besa; Santi Pagès Carballeda – Roca Junyent;

Law Firms: CMS Carey & Allende; Dentons Larrain Rencoret; Morales & Besa; Roca Junyent;

Clients: Accel-KKR LLC; Banco de Crédito e Inversiones; Private Shareholders Chile I;

Author: Ambrogio Visconti.