AAC Technologies’ Investment in Ibeo Automotive

Baker McKenzie advised AAC Technologies on the deal. Gütt Olk Feldhaus advised ZF Friedrichshafen AG. Taylor Wessing advised Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH.

AAC Technologies closed its multi-million investment in Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH, combined with a strategic partnership between AAC Technologies and Ibeo Automotive. ZF Friedrichshafen AG acted as the main shareholder and industrialisation partner of Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH. AAC will also become a shareholder of Ibeo alongside the founders and ZF Friedrichshafen. ZF will remain the largest shareholder.

AAC Technologies, a supplier of optical components and solutions provider for smart devices, is researching, developing and manufacturing leading edge solutions to enhance user experience of smart mobile devices.

The Baker McKenzie team consisted of Corporate/M&A partner Dr. Christoph Wolf (Picture), Holger Engelkamp (counsel, Berlin), Christian Atzler (partner), Dr. Kathrin Weber (senior associate), Ulrich Weidemann (counsel, all Frankfurt) Stephan Gönczöl (associate, Munich); IT: Dr. Holger Lutz (partner), Dr. Tobias Born (senior associate, both Frankfurt); IP: Dr. Michael Fammler (partner), Lena Weber (associate, both Frankfurt), Christina Rinkel (associate, Munich); Banking / Finance: Kathrin Marchant (partner), Philipp Thimm (PSL, both Frankfurt); Employment / Pensions: Dr. Christian Reichel, Dr. Lena Kern (counsel), Dr. Anna Verena Böhm (counsel, all Frankfurt); Commercial: Dr. Johannes Teichmann (partner, Frankfurt), Dr. Katharina Spenner (partner), Joachim Fröhlich (counsel, both Munich); Antitrust: Dr. Nicolas Kredel (partner), Markus Mossmann (associate, both Dusseldorf); Public Law: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Ellinghaus (partner, Frankfurt), Dr. Andreas Schulz (counsel, Berlin), Dr. Andreas Neumann (associate, Frankfurt) and Foreign Investment: Anahita Thoms (partner, Dusseldorf).

The Gütt Olk Feldhaus team included Dr. Sebastian Olk (Partner, lead, Corporate/M&A), Dr. Tilmann Gütt, LL.M. (London) (Partner, Banking/Finance), Thomas Becker (Of Counsel, IP/IT), Isabelle Vrancken (Senior Associate, co-lead, Corporate/M&A), Dr. Dominik Forstner (Associate, Corporate/M&A), Christopher Müller (Associate, Banking/Finance).

The Taylor Wessing Germany team included Dr. Jens Wolf (Lead – Partner, M&A/Venture Capital, Hamburg/Berlin), Dr. Dietrich Kamlah (Partner, IP/Patents, Munich), Dr. Tim Wünnemann (Partner, Commercial and Distribution Law, Berlin), Dr. Tobias Schelinski (Partner, IT/Data, Hamburg), Dr. Michael Brüggemann (Partner, Foreign Direct Investment Law, Düsseldorf), Dr. Marco Hartmann-Rüppel (Partner, Competition Law, Hamburg), Dr. Jens Wiesner, LL.M. (Chicago) (Partner, Banking/Finance, Hamburg), Dr. Stefan Horn (Salary Partner, Competition law, Hamburg). Philipp Hoegl (Senior Associate, M&A/Venture Capital, Hamburg), Nikolay Stoykov (Senior Associate, M&A, Munich), Dr. iur. (PPKE) László Molnár (Associate, M&A/Venture Capital, Hamburg), Dr. Melanie Moser (Associate, Foreign Direct Investment Law, Düsseldorf), Matthias Swiderski (Associate, Commercial and Distribution Law, Berlin).

Involved fees earner: Christian Atzler – Baker McKenzie; Anna Verena Böhm – Baker McKenzie; Tobias Born – Baker McKenzie; Ulrich Ellinghaus – Baker McKenzie; Holger Engelkamp – Baker McKenzie; Michael Fammler – Baker McKenzie; Joachim Fröhlich – Baker McKenzie; Stephan Gönczöl – Baker McKenzie; Lena Kern – Baker McKenzie; Nicolas Kredel – Baker McKenzie; Holger Lutz – Baker McKenzie; Kathrin Marchant – Baker McKenzie; Markus Mossmann – Baker McKenzie; Andreas Neumann – Baker McKenzie; Christian Reichel – Baker McKenzie; Christina Rinkel – Baker McKenzie; Andreas Schulz – Baker McKenzie; Katharina Spenner – Baker McKenzie; Johannes Teichmann – Baker McKenzie; Philipp Thimm – Baker McKenzie; Anahita Thoms – Baker McKenzie; Kathrin Weber – Baker McKenzie; Lena Weber – Baker McKenzie; Ulrich Weidemann – Baker McKenzie; Christoph Wolf – Baker McKenzie; Thomas Becker – Gutt Olk Feldhaus; Dominik Forstner – Gutt Olk Feldhaus; Tilmann Gütt – Gutt Olk Feldhaus; Christopher Müller – Gutt Olk Feldhaus; Sebastian Olk – Gutt Olk Feldhaus; Isabelle Vrancken – Gutt Olk Feldhaus; Michael Bruggemann – Taylor Wessing; Marco Hartmann-Rüppel – Taylor Wessing; Philipp Hoegl – Taylor Wessing; Stefan Horn – Taylor Wessing; Dietrich Kamlah – Taylor Wessing; László Molnár – Taylor Wessing; Melanie Moser – Taylor Wessing; Tobias Schelinski – Taylor Wessing; Nikolay Stoykov – Taylor Wessing; Matthias Swiderski – Taylor Wessing; Jens Wiesner – Taylor Wessing; Jens Wolf – Taylor Wessing; Tim Wünnemann – Taylor Wessing;

Law Firms: Baker McKenzie; Gutt Olk Feldhaus; Taylor Wessing;

Clients: AAC Technologies Holdings Inc; Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH; ZF Friedrichshafen AG;

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler