Stefanini’s Investment in Mozaiko

Dias Carneiro Advogados acted as counsel to Stefanini IT Solutions. Figueira Amaral Bertoni Advogados acted as counsel to Mozaiko Technologies Ltda.

Stefanini, a Brazilian IT services giant, announced an investment in Mozaiko, an analytics startup that integrates data in real time and uses artificial intelligence in retail processes.

Mozaiko joins the Stefanini group as a company specializing in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology for the retail, logistics and other branches of economic activity. The solutions developed by Mozaiko are now tools of the Group to add value to the business of its customers, in processes associated with supply chain, inventory control, asset management, process integration using RFID technology and Internet of Things (IoT).

The transaction is part of several investments that Stefanini has made in companies to integrate Stefanini Ventures.

Stefanini Group is a global provider of IT consulting, systems integration and outsourcing services. It has over 400 active clients across a broad spectrum of markets, including energy and utilities, insurance, manufacturing and distribution, financial services, life sciences and telecom.

Mozaiko is a Brazilian company with over 10 years experience in RFID (Radio-frequency identification), Real-Time Location System and high performance software. Their solution, VOILÀ, integrates real-time data generated by sensors and uses data mining to simplify the retailer’s routine processes.

Dias Carneiro Advogados advised Stefanini with a team including Artur Fernandes Andrezo (Picture), Gustavo Junqueira, Tathiana Luz, Kamila Ribeiro de Lima, Marina Coelho de Camargo Penteado.

Figueira Amaral Bertoni Advogados advised Mozaiko with a team led by Victor Cajano.

Involved fees earner: Artur Fernandes Andrezo – Dias Carneiro Advogados; Gustavo Junqueira – Dias Carneiro Advogados; Tathiana Martini Quercetti Moreira Luz – Dias Carneiro Advogados; Kamila Ribeiro de Lima – Dias Carneiro Advogados; Victor Cajano – Figueira Amaral Bertoni Advogados;

Law Firms: Dias Carneiro Advogados; Figueira Amaral Bertoni Advogados;

Clients: Mozaiko Technologies; Stefanini IT Solutions;

Author: Ambrogio Visconti.