Setic and Pourtier’s Carve-Out Closing

Racine, Molaro Pezzetta Romanelli Del Fabbro & Partners, BonelliErede and La Croce advised the parties involved in the operation.

On 29 July 2020, took place

in Paris the closing of the carve out by Sampsistemi of the French companies of the group. The deal, conducted in France as part of the redressement judiciaire proceedings presided over by the Roanne court, led the manager Thierry Collard, through the Belgian holding company Gauder & Co., to take control of Setic (worldwide leading company in the production of machines for LAN cables), which in turn has purchased from the redressement judiciaire proceedings the business of two other French companies: Pourtier and SNRT.

The transaction has been duly authorized by the Italian judicial authorities.

Thierry Collard expressed his satisfaction to be able to give continuity to the relationship with group’s customers and stakeholder, human resources included, together with the hope that the industrial project carried out with Sampsistemi, currently in concordato preventivo con riserva in Italy, can continue and, if possible, strengthen. In any case, the operation allows Setic to operate with relaunched vitality, even stand alone.

Thierry Collard and Gauder & Co. were assisted: as regards the French part of the operation by Racine law firm in Paris, with the partner Antoine Diesbecq, the counsel Julie Molinié and Linda Erlandsson, associate, as regards the Italian side from Molaro Pezzetta Romanelli Del Fabbro & Partners, with the direct involvement of the equity partner Marco Pezzetta (Picture) and of Mattia Mestroni, associate.

Sampsistemi was assisted by Bonelli Erede, through the partner Vittorio Lupoli and the senior counsel Fabio Macrì and by Studio La Croce, with the equity partner Mattia Berti and the partner Antonio Santandrea.

Involved fees earner: Vittorio Lupoli – BonelliErede; Fabio Macrì – BonelliErede; Mattia Berti – La Croce; Antonio Santandrea – La Croce; Mattia Mestroni – Molaro Pezzetta Romanelli Del Fabbro; Marco Pezzetta – Molaro Pezzetta Romanelli Del Fabbro; Antoine Diesbecq – Racine Cabinet; Linda Erlandsson – Racine Cabinet; Julie Molinié – Racine Cabinet;

Law Firms: BonelliErede; La Croce; Molaro Pezzetta Romanelli Del Fabbro; Racine Cabinet;

Clients: Gauder Co. S.A.; Sampsistemi S.r.l.; Thierry Collard;