Perforce’s acquisition of Perfecto Mobile

Cooley advised private investment firm Clearlake Capital Group and its subsidiary Perforce Software on the deal

Perfecto Mobile is a market leader in cloud-based automated mobile and web application test software solutions.

Perforce, a global provider of enterprise-grade DevOps-focused software solutions, expects the Perfecto acquisition to augment its software portfolio with additional capabilities for enterprise DevOps teams to achieve continuous testing at scale across web, mobile and internet-of-things applications.

Cooley advised private investment firm Clearlake Capital Group and its subsidiary Perforce Software with a team including Mehdi Khodadad, Josh DuClos (Picture), Eric Batill, Stacy Crosnicker, Eric Kauffman, David Crawford, Samantha LaPine, Alexander Lee, Brittany Doyle, John T. Stellini, Buff Miller, Amanda Pacheco, Jacqueline Grise, Sharon Connaughton, Stacy Crosnicker, Eric Kauffman, Ross Eberly, Janet Cullum, Cynthia O. Smuzynska, Peter Burns, Thomas Connors, Kimberly Nguyen, Alan Ai, J.G. Harrington, Kevin King, Rebecca Ross, David Hopkins, Laura Dietschy, Nicole Bieber, Paula Holland, Leanne Andrepont, Mark Jones, Russell Anderson, Chris Stack, Nihara McCormack, Stephen Rosen, Paula Fleckenstein, Natasha Kaye and Amy Collins

Involved fees earner: Mehdi Khodadad – Cooley LLP; Josh DuClos – Cooley LLP; Eric Batill – Cooley LLP; Brittany Doyle – Cooley LLP; John Stellini – Cooley LLP; Alan Ai – Cooley LLP; Nicole Bieber – Cooley LLP; Mark Jones – Cooley LLP; Russell Anderson – Cooley LLP; Stephen Rosen – Cooley LLP; Paula Fleckenstein – Cooley LLP; Stacy Crosnicker – Cooley LLP; Eric Kauffman – Cooley LLP; Buff Miller – Cooley LLP; Ross Eberly – Cooley LLP; Paula Holland – Cooley LLP; Chris Stack – Cooley LLP; Nihara McCormack – Cooley LLP; David Crawford – Cooley LLP; Samantha LaPine – Cooley LLP; Alexander Lee – Cooley LLP; Amanda Pacheco – Cooley LLP; Natasha Kaye – Cooley LLP; Jacqueline Grise – Cooley LLP; Sharon Connaughton – Cooley LLP; Janet Cullum – Cooley LLP; Peter Burns – Cooley LLP; Thomas Connors – Cooley LLP; David Hopkins – Cooley LLP; Amy Collins – Cooley LLP; Cynthia Smuzynska – Cooley LLP; Kimberly Nguyen – Cooley LLP; J.G. Harrington – Cooley LLP; Laura Dietschy – Cooley LLP; Kevin King – Cooley LLP; Rebecca Ross – Cooley LLP;

Law Firms: Cooley LLP;

Clients: Clearlake Capital Group, L.P.; Perforce Software Inc.;