Lex Mundi launches global legal service delivery model Equisphere as companies address the evolving business landscape

Equisphere unites people, process and technology to deliver world class legal services to in-house counsel

Lex Mundi, the world’s leading network of independent law firms, launches Equisphere, a truly global client service delivery model in legal services, designed to help in-house counsel address significant cross-border legal challenges.

Equisphere enables in-house counsel and their boards to design their ideal global law firm for cross-border legal needs by drawing on top tier, full service, local law firms within the Lex Mundi network, brought together seamlessly through the Equisphere service delivery platform. With Equisphere, clients can combine the benefits of centrally coordinated services, with the on-the-ground expertise of local teams.

At the core of the Equisphere model is Lex Mundi’s thoroughly vetted, outstanding, member firms spanning over 22,000 lawyers, 125 countries and 150 member firms, with their decades-long experience jointly advising clients. Equisphere uniquely combines collaborative technology, lean-agile work methodologies and professional account management to bring these firms together – matching the right expertise to the clients’ business footprint in any legal matter. Professional support staff from Lex Mundi act as project liaisons and support the use of lean-agile work management methodologies, including online dashboards handling documentation, team communication, key milestones and fees.                     

Equisphere provides transparent, orchestrated and cost-effective legal support in: 

  • Restructuring operations and business partnerships
  • Expanding into different markets
  • Crossing into adjacent sectors
  • Mergers, acquisitions, carve-outs and disposals
  • Redoubling compliance efforts
  • Undertaking sensitive investigations

Commenting on the launch of Equisphere, Helena Samaha, Lex Mundi President & CEO, says: “We are delighted to be launching Equisphere, which responds directly to the needs of in-house counsel to find smarter and more efficient ways to navigate their cross-border legal needs, amidst substantial uncertainty and geopolitical change. By harnessing the deep connections, local business knowledge and consistent quality of Lex Mundi member firms, Equisphere offers clients a broader more integrated offering than is otherwise available to them, responding to their requirements of transparency, efficiency and speed. It has never been more important for in-house counsel, who are forever tasked with doing more with less, to be able to see around the corners, deliver results, and report accurately to their boards. Lex Mundi is uniquely positioned to help them do that.”  

Eric Staal, Vice President of Lex Mundi’s Global Markets team, said: “Increasingly, businesses require legal advice in places that do not match up well with traditional global law firms, whose business models focus on the main global financial centers to support transactional work and certain big-ticket litigation.
The lasting impact of this crisis will require an altogether greater depth of local expertise and connectivity. The Equisphere model is naturally built bottom-up with distributed expertise. There is no global center with high-cost overheads. Equisphere’s lean-agile approach allows us to be creative in tailoring service delivery to each client situation rather than getting bogged down in the traps of inflexible project management.
Equisphere is purpose built not for yesterday’s corporate legal market, but for the way companies will need to support cross-border matters in an uncertain global landscape. Already we are seeing interest from clients that are redesigning their global panels, in order to deliver greater value back to the business.”

Equisphere also offers a sophisticated built-in horizon scanning tool which allows clients to anticipate risk, and highlights potential legal issues arising from new regulations and impacting their supply chains or other aspects of their operations.

Through Lex Mundi Equisphere, clients have the ability to assemble an ideal international legal team, with the best lawyers in the jurisdictions that match their unique footprint, flexed to their most significant legal challenges. With Equisphere, clients benefit from high-performance cross-border solutions for restructurings, transactions, disputes, investigations and risk assessment challenges, while benefitting from greater manageability of budgets and milestones.

Author: Giulia Di Palma