Inversiones Arco 3 SpA’s $70 Million Credit Facility

Garrigues, Guerrero Olivos, Mayer Brown and Morales & Besa advised on the transaction

Inversiones Arco 3 SpA, operating as a controlled entity of Arroyo Energy Group, secured a $70 million senior credit facility fromNatixis, New York Branch. The company secured also a $10 million credit vacility in order to finance VAT from Banco BICE.

Proceeds will be used to finance the construction of a solar power plants portfolio in Chile.

Arroyo Energy Investment Partners LLC is a private equity firm specializing in investments in the expansion, development, and restructuring opportunities. The firm specifically invests in energy-related assets including the power generation and midstream assets.

Garrigues advised Inversiones Arco 3 SpA with Pedro García (Picture), Antonio Morales Mutis, Francisco Irarrázaval A. and Esteban Orhanovic, José Fernández-Rañada and Xabier Urtiaga.

Guerrero Olivos advised Natixis, New York Branch with Sebastián Abogabir, Miguel Coddou A., Felipe Frühling, Francisca Pellegrini and Tomás Montes.

In US, Mayer Brown advised Arroyo Energy Group with Christopher Erckert, Kaleb Sanchez, Agustín Ferrari and Pablo Morales.

Morales & Besa advised Banco BICE with Myriam Barahona A., Jaime Rosso, Paulo Quinteros C., María Francisca Estrougo and Ignacio Chomalí.

Involved fees earner: José Fernández-Rañada López-Dóriga – Garrigues; Pedro García Morales – Garrigues; Francisco Irarrázaval Armendáriz – Garrigues; Antonio Morales Mutis – Garrigues; Xabier Urtiaga Valle – Garrigues; Sebastián Abogabir Méndez – Guerrero Olivos; Miguel Coddou Astrain – Guerrero Olivos; Felipe Fruhling Knapp – Guerrero Olivos; Tomás Montes M. – Guerrero Olivos; Francisca Pellegrini – Guerrero Olivos; Christopher Erckert – Mayer & Brown; Agustin Ferrari – Mayer & Brown; Pablo Morales – Mayer & Brown; Kaleb Sanchez – Mayer & Brown; Myriam Barahona – Morales & Besa; Ignacio Chomalí V. – Morales & Besa; María Francisca Estrougo R. – Morales & Besa; Paulo Quinteros – Morales & Besa; Jaime Rosso G. – Morales & Besa;

Law Firms: Garrigues; Guerrero Olivos; Mayer & Brown; Morales & Besa;

Clients: Arroyo Energy Investment Partners LLC; Banco BICE; Inversiones Arco 3 SpA; Natixis;

Author: Ambrogio Visconti.