FNZ Group’s acquisition of European Bank for Financial Services GmbH (ebase)

Kirkland & Ellis,Schweibert Lessmann & Partner, Lindemann Schwennicke & Partner and Preu Bohlig & Partner advised on the deal

FNZ Group finalized the acquisition of European Bank for Financial Services GmbH (ebase) from comdirect bank AG. The transaction is still subject to the approval by the banking supervisory and antitrust authorities.

ebase is a wholly owned subsidiary of comdirect bank AG since 2009 and provides financial services with a focus on B2B direct banking. Based in Aschheim near Munich, ebase employs 265 staff and manages client assets of around EUR 31 billion.

FNZ Group is a London based financial technology company which provides state-of-the-art platform solutions across multiple distribution channels. Originally founded in New Zealand in 2004, the company’s clients include leading financial institutions.

With the takeover of ebase, FNZ intends to expand its platform solutions in the B2B investment business and to strengthen its position in the German market.

Kirkland & Ellis advised FNZ with Gavin Gordon (Picture), Bernhard Guthy (both lead Corporate/M&A), Oded Schein (Tax, both Munich), Stephen Lucas, Ben A. Myers (both Finance, London); Associates: Sebastian Häfele, Christoph Jerger, Thomas Krawitz, Cristan Gerhold (all Munich), Tom McCarthy, Giles Clifford, Ashley Eisenberg (all London)

Lindemann Schwennicke & Partner advise FNZ with Daniel Radig (Regulatory).

Schweibert Lessmann & Partner advised advise FNZ with Rüdiger Hopfe (Employment).

Preu Bohlig & Partner advised advise FNZ with Christian Breuer and Andreas Haberl (both IP / Data Protection)

Involved fees earner: Christian Breuer – Preu Bohlig & Partner ; Andreas Haberl – Preu Bohlig & Partner ; Daniel Radig – Lindemann Schwennicke & Partner; Rüdiger Hopfe – Schweibert Leßmann & Partner; Gavin Gordon – Kirkland & Ellis; Bernhard Guthy – Kirkland & Ellis; Sebastian Häfele – Kirkland & Ellis; Christoph Jerger – Kirkland & Ellis; Thomas Krawitz – Kirkland & Ellis; Tom McCarthy – Kirkland & Ellis; Giles Clifford – Kirkland & Ellis; Oded Schein – Kirkland & Ellis; Cristan Gerhold – Kirkland & Ellis; Stephen Lucas – Kirkland & Ellis; Ben Myers – Kirkland & Ellis; Ashley Eisenberg – Kirkland & Ellis;

Law Firms: Preu Bohlig & Partner ; Lindemann Schwennicke & Partner; Schweibert Leßmann & Partner; Kirkland & Ellis;

Clients: FNZ (UK) Ltd ;