EQRx’s $200 Million Series A Financing

Goodwin Procter LLP advised EQRx through its launch and $200 million Series A Financing to create novel, patent-protected medicines at prices that are more affordable for people and sustainable for healthcare systems.

Leveraging advances in science and technology to bring treatments for life threatening and chronic diseases to people more efficiently and cost-effectively, EQRx intends to offer its therapies at dramatically lower prices compared to today’s innovative medicines.

EQRx committed to making innovative medicines at dramatically lower prices for the benefit of people and society. By bringing together stakeholders from across the healthcare system and utilizing the latest advances in science and technology, the company seeks to discover, develop and deliver high-quality, patent-protected medicines more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before.

The Goodwin team was led by Bill Collins (Picture) and included Kingsley Taft, Mayan Katz, Brett Jackson, Carly Ward and Rosanne Yang. EQRx’s business development activities are handled by Erini Svokos, Ian Longacre, and Yasee Zahedi and Cathy McCarty.

Involved fees earner: William Collins – Goodwin Procter; Brett Jackson – Goodwin Procter; Mayan Katz – Goodwin Procter; Ian Longacre – Goodwin Procter; Catherine McCarty – Goodwin Procter; Erini Svokos – Goodwin Procter; Kingsley Taft – Goodwin Procter; Carolyn Ward – Goodwin Procter; Rosanne Yang – Goodwin Procter; Yasee Zahedi – Goodwin Procter;

Law Firms: Goodwin Procter;

Clients: EQRx;

Author: Ambrogio Visconti