Cegid’s Acquisition of Meta4

Allen & Overy Frieh Associés, Carey and Gómez-Pinzóadvised on the deal.

Cegid exectued the acquisition of Meta4, the leading Spanish payroll and human resources solutionscloud solutions publisher.

Cegid is a specialist in management solutions in the areas of accounting, tax, payroll and human resources, ERP and retail.

This important step enables Cegid to become a leader in the sector with a total of 22 million people using its products.

Allen & Overy advised Cegid with Alexandre Ancel (Picture), Ralph Salameh, Neyla Fandi, Florence Ninane, Alexandre Fall, Romaric Lazerges, Paul Vandecrux, Laurie-Anne Ancenys, Faustine Piechaud, Inigo del Val, Patricia Figueroa, Gadea Mato and Aixa Pol.

In Chile, Carey advised Cegid with Jorge Ugarte, Angélica De la Carrera, Irene Barros and Javiera Durand.

Frieh Associés advised the sellers with Emmanuel Scialom and Morgane Ferron.

Gómez-Pinzón advised the seller with Patricia Arrázola and Elisa Echavarria.