Business Integration Partners’s Acquisition Of 65.75% Shares In FBM Investimentos

Fraga, Bekierman & Crisitano Advogados acted as legal counsel to FBM Investimentos e Participações Ltda; Candido Martins Advogados acted as legal counsel to Business Integration Partner on the deal.

Business Integration Partner (BIP), the Italian consulting firm acquired the control of FBM Group, purchasing 65.75% of FBM Investimentos e Participacoes Ltda’s quotas (and, indirectly, 62% of FBM Gestão Processos Ltda’s quotas).

As a result of such transaction, BIP has entered the Brazilian financial consulting industry, foreseeing an increase of 30% on its income.

Fraga, Bekierman & Crisitano Advogados team was led by Partners Marcelo Leonardo Cristiano (Picture) and Helena Fernandes, and inlcuded Associates Guilherme Cinti Allevato and Pedro Lima Arantes.

Candido Martins Advogados team was led by Renata Simon.

Involved fees earner: Renata Simon – Candido Martins; Guilherme Cinti Allevato – Fraga, Bekierman & Cristiano-Advogado; Marcelo Leonardo Cristiano – Fraga, Bekierman & Cristiano-Advogado; Pedro Lima Arantes – Fraga, Bekierman & Cristiano-Advogado; Helena Marques de Souza Fernandes – Fraga, Bekierman & Cristiano-Advogado;

Law Firms: Candido Martins; Fraga, Bekierman & Cristiano-Advogado;

Clients: Business Integration Partners – BIP; Fbm Investimentos e Participacoes Ltda;

Author: Ambrogio Visconti.